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  1. Because MTA:SA has MUCH more scripting power than MTA:VC. We can do much more, and we already have made alot of scripts we dont want to lose. We have already known about the part of the map thing, and its not quite that easy for the whole map. Its not hard for us to put something small from VC into our map, but were intending on bringing the whole VC map. We cant do that as easily, due to the 300m limit.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I dont know how the breakable objects slipped my mind. I will be keeping that in mind. I do think that if we break the city up into pieces, we can make this work. I do understand san andreas has 8x the models in-game, but I do wonder how many of those can actually be replaced. Another thing wrong with this, I believe, is that if we break the map into smaller pieces, we have to align them (which will take a great deal of time). All-in-all, I believe this project can be done. It just may take awhile.
  3. We at X-R are working on removing the san andreas map entirely, and replacing it server-side with the vice city map. Our idea is to convert all the vice city objects, and using san andreas object id's. Were not worried about what ID's might be what, as we are completely removing the san andreas map from the server. Now, looking around at the forums, we see there is a few things that limit our ability to do this. Namely, the LOD issue. Would breaking up the map into smaller pieces fix this issue? We want to know all the answers before beginning the work.
  4. I have a script that plays music while in the server, but it doesnt sync up with the other players. Is there something I missed? This command should really be server side anyways.
  5. Found the fix: Start single player Scan for trax Turn off automatic scan Load a save game (or start a new one if you dont have a save) Save the game Go to MTA Turn radio to "Radio Off" Set MTA Radio Volume to 0 Turn radio down (to what would be User Trax Player) Set MTA Radio back to whatever volume you want
  6. Disabling it did no good
  7. Yes, I scan 6 times each time I put new songs in (just to be sure it caught them all), and in Single Player, it works perfectly fine. I even set it to automaticly scan. Yet when I go into MTA 1.0.4, it plays the commercials. I dont know the skip option, so I cannot confirm the 'tuning frequency' thing. But if I remember right from GTA III, infinite tuning noise means it cannot find anything to play.
  8. When I play this radio in Single Player, it works fine. In MTA 1.0.4, it plays the commercials only. Any ideas?
  9. Fawxy


    Nevermind. After looking through the forums I noticed that its an Intel Integrated Graphics issue.
  10. Fawxy


    Me and my friend both used our steam versions of San Andreas with MTA, using the same method to get it to work. I can play just fine, however, he cannot. Any ideas on how to fix this? Below is a screenshot.
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