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  1. I know but that's not the point, anyway w/e
  2. it's annoying because you are trying to replicate items/features that are on our server
  3. We have two one more popluar than the other and the second one was started just a month or two back mainly racing, dms an all that stuffs but our main is CnR if you like that sorta thing.
  4. lol. [off_topic] thanks;) dont mean to sound big headed here or anythng like that but we have been #1 on game-monitor pretty much since we started back in october and a few times had server IP changes which reset our stats! >< but back upto #1 eventually rocks I tell you, rocks! Slowly starting to get into this forum a bit more. Don't really know why I didn't sooner really, I been with MTA since like GTA III's version of MTA anyways yea, it's all good =)
  5. Which is why we're always coming up with new Ideas to etc, keeping our servers as unique as possible and obviously, not handing out any of our scripts/maps etc. But when we see people trying to replicate our features it's kinda annoying =\ anyway, this guy wont get anymore of our ideas that's for sure aint that right wireless/roberto? I just think people should be able to use their own minds and come up with their own ideas, and if need be, get help with making those ideas reality rather than copying/replicating what someone elses work? =\ and no it's more than a few lines lol well ours
  6. I'd prefer it if you didn't... =\
  7. it's not about whether you make the script or not it's why and how yo ugot the script idea in his case, he jacked it from our server lol.
  8. pffft I suppose there is one plus to this, we're obviously good enough that people gosta try an copy us
  9. ROFL and your calling his work "noobish" ? And in my opinion, using notepad to create a script is harder than using the normal script editor that mIRC has since nothing is spaced out properly in notepad... so there is really only one "noobish" scripter here...
  10. yeah, I used that ./setup thing an changed the values but when I actually looked at the config, it was still all the defaults lol >< fixed now though, and seems to be ok now ty
  11. Em, I just setup a MTA:VC server and after awhile, it seems my members all got banned from the server for some unknown reason. no one has admin powers infact.. no one even has admin abilities lol is this the work of some exploiter/hacker? I have chmod'd the motd.txt file to 444 (as I know that was one exploit)
  12. yeah I'm gettin the same crap MTA:BLUE Server for MTA:SA ./net.so: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied ERROR: Loading network library (./net.so) failed! Press Q to shut down the server!
  13. I think this is retarded... MTA lost enough players just for making us wait this long for MTA:DM, now they telling us we gotter pay for it... I honestly don't know what gave them the idea for doing this... The amount is not a lot, but I seriously hope the people that actually pay for this get what they pay for and not some SA-MPv2....
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