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  1. okay thanks. im not so good with PRS thas why i make my own little command not in PRS and i never change something in PRS so. But still thanks
  2. well only 2 collers are avalible the normal Admin Orange and the /me Pink so when you make the command !say like this mta.text $1 /me then it would sow up pink this just a little thing that almost everyone nows Greetzaz. DJFrankie
  3. Hej DJFrankie here. I have some problems with PRS 1.3 with the command !nextmap. everyone with lvl 4 can use it and they abuse like hell so my question is how can i change the lvl from 4 to 5? And i have some problems with this script: /* ///////////////////////////////////// ////// MTASA:RACE ////// ////// ////// ////// Public ID Script ////// ////// ////// ////// Version 1.0 ////// ////// ////// ////// BY: -|ND|-DJFrankie ////// ///////////////////////////////////// */ on *:
  4. hey scoobie mayby this is posible. im looking for a good script for an stunt server your prs is great but only for race dm rsdm so mayby you can make another mode for stunt. i dont now if this is posible but mayby when you do a good stunt you get money or points would be cool but its just an idea. Greetz.. DJFrankie
  5. Thx Lil for the Echo file now gonne search on goole how to put up an IRC server
  6. Hi i am uD|DJFrankie|NL for the uD|Clan. I have my own mta server. Running on windows. Now i want an IRC Server connected to my MTA Server. so that the players in the MTA Server can talk to the IRC Users. But i realy dont now how to put up an IRC server and to connect it with mta. And the echo script or what it is i dont now a thing. So can someone help me with this putting it up and configuring? Amd can it be that the people in the IRC server can use all the commands as the people in the MTA Server? Greetz.. DJFrankie
  7. never mind we have fixt all problems... The Script realese i now gonne be PWS 1.0 on 15 juli am Scro[t realease for PWS 1.1 we hope its gonne be somewhere next month
  8. Ho!! warning we have forgot something. With the normal !comamnds This line is needed: on * SIGNAL:mta.command: { But with our Word commands we dont now what to use. This is what we already tryed: on * SIGNAL:mta.text: { on * SIGNAL:mta.say: { Does someone nows this!!?? We realy need it!! Thx Greetzz.. PWS Testing Team
  9. i do need some help with one part of this script that i have never done. This part is: when a player joins the server. that in the chat commes: Player Joint The Server! Player Left The Server! if some one nows that plz reply Thx Greetzzz DJFrankie
  10. o lol srry he said that to me so Srry lil
  11. Hi i am uD|DJFrankie|NL I have made a script that doesnt work with commands like: !help but with word commands like: help Script name: PWS v1.0 ( Public Word Script ) This Script is an Add-On Script for PRS 1.3 With this script you dont have to add all those commands to prs 1.3 The Script is now begin tested real good before we release it if something is not working on 15 juli it will not be released. The Script is now a big secret no one gets to see it only the testers. here follow the commands: player word commands: commands brb back lol lmao rofl booring omg omfg omgnoob
  12. That script is not from lil toady Thats Kesler2005 his script
  13. alias give.money { var %a = $iif((!$4),$2,$iif(($gus.getid($1,$4) == $null),$2,$v1)) if (!$5) mta.pm $1 $2 Error! - Type !givemoney elseif (!%a) mta.pm $1 $2 Error! - Name not found! elseif ($5 !isnum) mta.pm $1 $2 Error - Type only numbers in ! elseif ($gus.money($1,$2) < $5) mta.pm $1 $2 You cant give money for $mta.nick($1,%a) more than you got! else { mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) has just gave $5 $+ $ for $mta.nick($1,%a) ! mta.pm $1 $2 Success transferring $5 $+ $ for $mta.nick($1,%a) ! mta.pm $1 %a Success recieved $5 $+ $ from $mta.nick($1,%a) ! !writeini -n money
  14. In The next MTA:SA Server Software mayby The MTATeam mayby can some kind of Spam security bild in the server software. Like is a spammers does dis: Spammer: !info Spammer: !info Spammer: !info Spammer: !info Spammer: !info Spammer: !info Then First The Script Shuts Down and after that the server crashes so mayby when they say 3 times the same thing or to fast then they get auto mute or kick that will be cool many servers got this problem it realy sucks. Greetzz.. DJFrankie
  15. Hi i have a qeustion. For the lvls. How can i make some kind of script that you can set lvls from in the server? That is realy handy because when i do it now i have to connect to my server pc and that is in a hole other country
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