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  1. Ok thanks man all i wanna do is paint the default cars and make them look unique to our server livke every one else has was thinking of importing cars but thats alot of work that i anot familiar with.Also do you have a weapon reource converter would be sick as well.
  2. so i have to code them in correct?
  3. I am looking to import them to our server so if i use sami will this work or is there a special way to do so?
  4. I am wondering how can i import new car models i have them but need to know how to import new cars casue i have some demolition derby cars?
  5. Any one know why i have a unknown protocol and how do i solve i wanna connect through my web browser.here is what i am trying to onnect to. mtasa://
  6. My guess would be check you recourses something is conflicting after that check your mtaserver config usually scripts and game-modes conflict with default resources.
  7. I was wondering if there was a real radio script ever made possible for MTA SA i am new to this on the coding side i am starting a hosting company and would like to have all my affiliates on my radio and every thing in game for every one to hear please get back to here.
  8. I am trying to connect through browser i get this error. No registered application for this extension. any ideas please get back to me.
  9. last question how do i redirect download ill look into the paradise sql is paradise a complete Role play game mod if not can you please link me to one i am a beginner and i just host servers i am starting a company.
  10. I ma new to setting up mods and was wondering how do i go about setting up paradise i wanna edit it and make it for my server i also will be starting a company White & Black Gaming Society also would like to learn setting up servers by the way i have a doamin for my mysql data base but how do i get the mysql file and where do i tell the game to load data base i need help on this thnaks all.
  11. yea i was looking for some one to help develop it but i am trying my self i am new here lol to coding but not here.
  12. What would it take to get you guys to help develop an SR3 style client like this please get back every one is deleting my post all i wanna do is get a SR3-MP client going since SR3 only gave us stupid COOP please get back to me if interested you can email me here kidx@white-black-gaming.com or visit my site at white-black-gaming.com.
  13. I am looking for a fps limiter fix i am limited to 30fps and my game lags on Mtasa server please help me fix this thanks guys also i hope this does not turn into a atv reflex game just saying..
  14. I need help if i could get 1.1.1 working on windows 8 that would be freaking awsme and one less clint down so wont have to reinstall windows 7 please help me fix the no sound error with MTA on win8.
  15. MTA SA is giving me a no sound card issue i have both my sound enabled and working fine please help me please i really wanna play is there a config for it to work i can play gta single player fine what do i do.
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