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  1. Hi, Is there a way to change the way the camera pans? Like in SA-MP? Instead of up being down and down being up.. Can change it to down being up and up being down if you know what i mean? Thanks
  2. Debian Sarge works great on Debian i use it for mine. Just use it
  3. Yes. I do killall mta_server before i edit them. Then restart it but still does not work
  4. Yes. It worked when i was running DP1 but it wont now. Also when i add more admin accounts click save i go check them 2 minutes later and their gone apart mine
  5. Hi, I just setup my admin account like is shows in the wiki but when i try to login ingame i get "No account with that nick" And when i try to connect to the resourcebrowser it doesn't log me in
  6. Can that be found in the resourcelogs then in Hay? If so i have tried to search get but nearly every line has the word get in the function
  7. Hi, When i try to load a resource such as Hay it only loads the field but not the hay. Its the same with others such as Sleath and Assult. I dont know what to do about it
  8. Ok well im using the nohup file from sa-mp and its working fine. Dont have to keep putty open no more.
  9. Aint there some sort of nohup like sa-mp has?
  10. Worked for me before but i didn't set it up my host did but i moved since then to a new host. Surely is possible to do without contacting my host? Other people must make the server 24/7 so it must be possibleWhat my old host did was make a command ./startserver which would make the server go online and make it possible to close SSH (putty) and when the server went down and then came back online it restarted it without having to do ./startserver
  11. Yes, thats what i want btw, my mta server is on my dedi server not on my pc
  12. Hi, I need to make my server 24/7 like making it run without having to keep SSH open to make the server stay up. I need to do this because my connection keeps restarting itself because of the very bad weather we have been getting (ie, power cuts, floods etc). So what i want to know is how do i do this?
  13. Ok i changed the line in the config but it when i do /rcon_login it doesn't log me in. ie keeps saying failed to login even tho im typing it right. Also how do i get this script to work on my server? because i didn't quite understand
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