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  1. lol a huge battle between a professional(dzek) and a noobie who discovered something(JkMonger) i hope there would be a like button here lol XD
  2. well, firstly i have a server and i hosted an external ftp server to host the client files downloads but players say the download is slow so idk how to make i fast, now im looking for an free http hosting server where i can upload it and put it in my server.
  3. Guys I Need Help for my pop tire script I'm going to use it for my server popTires = true function breakCar() if popTires == true then setVehicleWheelStates( source, 1, 1, 1, 1 ) -- If popTires is true, pop all of the vehicle's tires end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), breakCar) addCommandHandler ( "pop", breakCar ) well if your asking i stole it.......i extracted it from a script called carwrecked by TonyFox so all credits is to him but i need help.......... pls
  4. Hello, This is ginco again. I can't really do the script that I was planning to do so. I am Requesting Anyone here, please kinda release it pls. I really need it. Ill put your credits in it in my Server. -ginco- |NFS|"Need For Speed" Clan
  5. ok ill try it.....seems like i need to disable first the defualt font that are showing up so thanks -ginco- ----------------------------------------------------------Edit---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nver mind im going to close it and ask for a Request i cant do it alone............................ -ginco-
  6. Hello Everyone, This is Ginco. I would like anyone to please help me on making/creating a script that would change the name of the car when you get in. for example when you get in an elegy yould see a green font below your screen saying "Nissan Skyline R32" I would like to put it on my server together with my clan. so please anyone who wants to help me please comment. -ginco- ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////|NFS|Need For Speed Clan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  7. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    the rotation gave by varez kinda work..........lol now i can play it.... and benox thanks for sending me the link but i fixed it an hour before u send the link to me lol lol lol lol!!!!!! a coincidence ehehehehehe XDXDXDXDXD!!!!!!
  8. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    any way how do u set the collision? its soo hard to spilt it to 8 parts men......
  9. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    varez any other way to contact him? edit: anyway........Someone there that have ways to fix it col file pls or maybe a fixed akina files pls send it to me i really nid it........ i cant get benox reply. heres my ymail s_giancarlo_s@yahoo.com Thanks Note from varez: Use that damn edit button... PLEASE!
  10. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    can u ask him for it and send me? pls...... heres my mail : gincosantos@yahoo.com.ph tnx
  11. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    hey how can i get it from him???
  12. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    ok here it is addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() local txd = engineLoadTXD('files/akina.txd') engineImportTXD(txd, 2052) engineImportTXD(txd, 2053) engineImportTXD(txd, 2054) engineImportTXD(txd, 2371) engineImportTXD(txd, 2372) local col = engineLoadCOL('files/akina1.col') engineReplaceCOL(col, 2052) local col = engineLoadCOL('files/akina2.col') engineReplaceCOL(col, 2053) local col = engineLoadCOL('files/akina3.col') engineReplaceCOL(col, 2054) local col = engineLoadCOL('files/akina4.col') engineReplaceCOL(col, 2371) local
  13. ginco

    Akina map!!!!!!!

    i know but, its not about the modeling its fine in game the prob is that i cant even go to it because somehow the col file is likely corrupted how can i fix it its soo hard to make one....... or even give me a link on steps how to fix it pls............ -ginco-
  14. Guys i need some help about the akina from pothole studious...... im geting it and putting it on my server my problem is that it doesnt have a col file so i cant get to it cause i fall down when im on it...... pls help how to fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ginco any help is greatly appreciated
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