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  1. It is in an Alpha state still but it does have that MTA feel with LUA and all that, it will also include a Map Editor longer down the road after what I have read around on those forums. However the handling of the vehicles in that game still sucks though
  2. SirTerning

    1.4 Beta Release

    Finally I could check out the Norwegian translation ''live'', fixed a bunch of cases where one letter was missing, strangely spelled sentences and other odd stuff. The client based stuff that is as I cant find a way to get the Norwegian version of the installer. However I still have to edit the main menu buttons to get rid of the red outline (Ghosting fix) as it is present, will have that fixed later today/tomorrow. A little sidenote... I don't see it necessary to have it named 'Norwegian Bokmål' when we don't have a 'Norwegian Nynorsk' translation, so just naming it 'Norwegian' would be nice. EDIT: Done fixing up the Norwegian translation now.
  3. BTTTLG *Bring this topic to life again* The desktop from my school laptop
  4. I personally like that loading screen But it looks more like a new Home screen wallpaper (In the home menu of mta)
  5. Voted for the third. Counter-Strike and MTA have almost identical server browser's, they work the same way. And a random system would only have been irritating...
  6. Zionnomonus killed Ransom (Divided by zero)
  7. Dude have you ever been to a hardstyle event? Ghee, I've been on some and they are sick.. As a DJ/Producer myself in the hardstyle genre, I don't think that it's "cool" to listen to hardstyle or produce it. Hardcore is really much the same as hardstyle, only thing is that it got a different bass-line and a higher BPM (Hardstyle runs at 150-160 and Hardcore are all around 180-220). Maybe my fact's is wrong but that's what I've learned trough out producing and dj'ing at different parties. Don't get me wrong, I like hardcore but there is something with that genre I personally don't like .
  8. A: Balls of steeeeeeeeellll Q: Duke nukem pwnz all?
  9. Ok, i will just add the cords for the fun of it I will have it done today or early tomorrow.
  10. I can get the coords and markers for were the gas stations are
  11. SirTerning

    MTA for GTA IV

    Then answer us at this Matter in fact the chat system is not even in the official mp by Rockstar. Also there have been much talk about thewhiterabbit wiki page in this topic So from my part I'm almost 100% sure that they are working on a Mta"Iv" mod.
  12. I like you're maps allot and I also like that you share them with the community They will be playable at my Heaven of DM server, once i open it for the people. (I mean your DM maps.)
  13. I like it actually. Just make it smaller and change the font to what everyone else use since it looks ugly! And make the "Message" thing 4 rows, I would also like to see a Inbox system if possible
  14. A: What a bomb that funeral was.. Q: Somebody know were my coat went?
  15. Could have been fun seeing the MTA team establishing a team with scripters-Designers etc etc just for MTA VC and MTA 3 As of that the community here is great and actually big enough to hold a good number of people trough out every game (GTA 3, Vc & Sa) and most likely much bigger. Well maybe someday we will see this happen
  16. Yess that could have been fun Maybe we should look into that sometime when you feel up to it.
  17. Well Thanks DMC for your criticism. As I'm not familiar with Lua or the map editor, the maps are kind of easy made. I'm working on some other maps with some scripting and custom models also, I dont know when I will be finished with those but for a start I think i have done good