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  1. This Deathmatch script i was wondering about on *:SIGNAL:mta.kill: { !writeini -n " $+ $Dm.dir $+ Dm.ini" Level $mta.name($1,$2) + 1 mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) Just Gained 1 Level } now would that add i level every time they kill some one aslo i want to know the funtion of when you die so i can -1 level thanks Randy
  2. Thanks for that Scooby mmm guess just have to go with out Randy
  3. ok guys i know you guys probly get these questions all the time but if you never ask then you never know so i was wondering in gta3 cash up in the top hand corner is there any way to make that part of the cash script eg !cash :: Randys cash: $2000 :: the reason i wanted to know this is for making a deathmatch script so if you kill someone you get 1 level point $50 cash and it shows your kills, deaths ratio. point for finding out if you can use the top cash is so when you kill someone you get more money faster to buy guns you need thanks all Randy96
  4. Randy96

    MOTD Help

    hey, i have just brought a server from gta-host does any one know how to set the motd up thanks Randy
  5. Hey, i have just brought a server from gta-host and was wondering if any one can help me on how to set this up thanks Randy
  6. Randy96

    Help Plz

    The script is for my gta3 server this is the code i have on *:SIGNAL:mta.spawn:{ if ($readini("nickserver.ini",$mta.name($1,$2),ip) == $mta.ip($1,$2)) { !.timer 1 0 mta.msg $1 $2 You Automatic logged in !.timerlogin off } else { mta.msg $1 $2 Please register your name before spawning! type /msg register mta.msg $1 $2 You have 30 seconds to register before being killed again .timer 1 30 mta.slap $1 $2 } } the point is if they dont register they carnt play simple plus some scripts work off them being registed
  7. Randy96

    Help Plz

    Thanks alot works great only prob is it works and all but when they join an spwan it kill's them the first time but the second time it dont is that becus of lag i just brought a server so i thought it be all good but it not regards Randy
  8. Randy96

    Help Plz

    hey, im looking for it in this forum its in here some were i basically want it for the point were if you dont /msg register = no then you carnt spwan but if you are /msg register = yes then you can spwan regards Randy
  9. Dont worry guys got it sorted
  10. Can some one plz help me with this Eveytime you put in another code it reads this im thinking brakets arnt right also i done a !p and !save but its not reading the saved property. alias rpg.places !return $iff($readini($rpg.dir $+ rpg.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),places),$readini($rpg.dir $+ rpg.ini,$mta.name($1,$2),places),0) on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !place) { if ($readini(place.ini,price,$rpg.area($1,$2)) != $null) { if ($readini( $+ $rpg.data3.ini,DISTRICT,$rpg.area($1,$2)) != $null) { mta.say $1 PLACE $rpg.area($1,$2) - District/Street $rpg.district($1,$2) | mta
  11. Randy96

    Help Plz

    hey Guys, i was looking around a couple of days ago and seen a script for disableing a spwan skin well more like kill the player once they spwan as that skin so it dosent allow it i was wondering if any one knows were i can find that topic becuz now i carnt or if any one can help with the code of it regards Randy96 [Finsh The Fight]
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