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  1. If you have to pay for this, the Developers have to get ready to write anti-piracy algorithms left and right, cuz people will be pissed, and will NOT pay for it after hat last who knows how long of hype.
  2. MTASA DM is going to cost money and might be used with STEAM? Who else agrees that this is the most retarded idea to date?
  3. Sorry to double post, but any ideas on my last post?
  4. It runs same as normal Pro XP, except you have the option of using a keyboard or tapping the enemy to death.... I'm dead serious too
  5. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Wait until the second service pack of vista to upgrade. Btw, Lomghorn is such a better name...
  6. Ok, first install your single player copy of GTASA. Second, download this: http://downloads.game-monitor.com/download.php?file=4 Then, once it is installed, run it. Go to the server list, and double click a server to join. Try to get a server with a low ping, they are much faster.
  7. Lemme guess, you are using the pirated version. Mount the disk and then start the game.....
  8. WTH stop bringing up SAMP! Your argument is pointless!
  9. I just got a new idea, ok, so you have an account system that is like steam, and uses CPUID's and IP address ranges or whatever. But one thing, you only allow that IP address range to register on certain or only one day of the week if a cheater was banned on that range. That way "cheater joe" has to wait some time before creating a new account. But the downside is average "good willed killer" gets a message saying ""cheater joe" has been banned for cheating, come back and register in 4 days" and then "good willed killer" goes and beats the sh*t out of "cheater joe". Remember, IP ranges are loc
  10. This argument is like ping pong........back and forth, back and forth...... Calm your hormones, and get over it. When it is released, it will be released. Life involves waiting, and no matter how much it may suck, deal with it. No need for the little pansie flame wars, and how dare any of you compare the quality of MTA to SAMP. Let s just wait, and hope something will happen. I duno about you, but if you sit and watch something long enough, your mind will make stuff up. So go and pretend ur playing MTASA DM. Just stop with this ridiculous crap. It's annoying. As for GTA4, cut it out. GTA4 is
  11. Some 13 year olds. 13 yr olds shouldn't be trying to blow people up.....
  12. What if (Just speculating here) you were to use an account system like steam (all accounts linked to one server), but required a cellphone to register the account? And if a person with a banned number tries registering again, oops, they're screwed.
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