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  1. I know eAi, thats why i would like atleast some sort of tcp/udp implementation. It would require alot of code to download even a file so its relatively safe, besides execute file isn't on client side. I would just want some sort of implementation for mta sa. I would like users to have the ability to visit my website, but not as proxy through the server. Also xfire in-game browser does work, but not everyone has it and therefore not everyone can visit my website. It would get users killed anyways
  2. Weirdly enough, there arn't any commands for connecting to the websites through mta sa. Forget that, there arn't even any TCP/UDP socket controls in the client-side and you cannot use dll's clientside. The only option left is to use the server as a proxy, but that would need to be a server with a powerful internet
  3. HouseMD

    Public beta #2 details

    Discovered texture problem: sometimes the rainbow map didn't load textures, and other times it would load textures perfectly. I upped a picture of this "problem". Also, sometimes my computer lagged... Concidering i have a Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT and a Q6600 Processor, i should have absolutely no lag what so ever.
  4. HouseMD

    Public beta #2 details

    It seems very stable to me... didn't play alot since i didn't like the rpg gamemode
  5. I know all that Dx stands for DirectX Unfortunately its not available in dp 2.3! That's the reason why i wanted the other way, but no sweat i will find a way
  6. So you can only use the DirectX commands to enlarge the labels btw can i add my own fonts (Don't think so but worth a try)
  7. I am using guiCreateLabel, but i don't seem to be able to make the label bigger... Even if i increase the size of it. Do i have to use a bigger font to get bigger labels? Because i would just like to use the general one.
  8. yes Willy is right on this one. Thanks
  9. I got this error: "Error: Server triggered clientside event , but event is not added clientside" I have addEvent on my clientside for the and i trigger it like this triggerClientEvent(,getRootElement(),argument...) So whats up?
  10. Nope i'm not on house boards. You can't find me there, u can find me on mta sa race Anyway another suggestion: Lua encryption Mode: Lua should have its own encryption mod, luac.exe i think it was, so maybe it could be done that all lua client files would be encrypted before sending? So no access to hackz0rs and stuff and people can't read ur files?
  11. I came up with a small list of commands that should be in MTA SA DM, these would be very nice: Animation Commands: Play an animation on a player when he clicks a button for example, and import your own e.g. For your very own freaky dance Music Commands: Import your own music/sounds and have the ability to play them These are my requests for now. If anyone would like to add other suggestions, please do.
  12. Well hopefully it will be out in DP3 and i didn't find any function in "Race"
  13. Tried all of them (before even posting this topic) nothing helps
  14. if the vehicle change comes from a map, then its quite hard to know if its a heli or not... or i can just make my own getVehicleType command until dp3 comes out
  15. getVehicleType doesn't come out until dp3 lol
  16. well i can try that... but wait, wouldn't everything increase also, eg if i was above water i would hit the water even faster
  17. umm that would screw up the whole game wouldn't it? since when u speed up the game it speeds up for everyone therefore screwing up the game eg if driving you could kill urself because u drive too fast
  18. tried that.. all the race resource does is make the helicopter setPosition higher, which i have done and it doesn't work...
  19. techniqually it tries to open the file, if it's not there create the file... not rly what he wants but still a good example (said that for someone that doesn't understand what the script does)
  20. well... lol, ok then... 1337 it is... still the gpl license bothers me
  21. why would you use the gpl license on the script to show that it's legal? i mean its not as serious as someone as creating a program (.exe types i mean) so, why the gpl license?
  22. how do maps have less brandwidth, if the server sends the map to the client will be almost the same as the server doing createObjects and everything else in the map, get my point?
  23. i need to know a way to override the helicopter flight so as soon as u get the helicopter/go into the helicopter it's ready to fly, so you don't have to wait for the wings to go fast enough for you to take off... i looked at the vehicle commands, and didn't see anything i could use for it (the engine state change didn't work)
  24. if (getElementData(source, "locked") and getElementData(source, "locker") ~= enteringPlayer) then i'm sure it should be like this: if (getElementData(source, "locked")) and (getElementData(source, "locker") ~= enteringPlayer) then if you would say that doesn't make a difference, then i think your wrong cause i have had some problems using "and" and using it like you have usually doesn't work for me, donno why
  25. Hi, I am trying to make my own module, but mta sa dm doesn't load it, while lua does... Can i have a suggestion please? Edit: nvm, i found that u needed the SDK, and successfully made the module i needed