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  1. Hi, Okay so I recently found an old dvd with a backup of my mta race server on it. In the resources folder were over 4252 maps which with a few text edits work just fine in MTA-DM Race (well, they seem to at any rate, but I'm not mad enough to test them ALL! - they should work as those missing code required for MTA-DM were easily added), but they're made by other people. Because there are so many of them, I obviously can't go contacting every single author who created each map to ask if they're okay to be uploaded for MTA-DM Race gametype servers to use, so my Q. to the MTA team is: Sh
  2. Hi, Wasn't sure if this should go in the public beta forum or not, so since it does say help area I figure I'll put it here I installed DP2.3 and made sure it worked (create server, join it etc), then installed the latest nightly build (I've tried older ones with same error) I then create a server as normal and join the loopback address. The game lets me join, enters the server and then I'm instantly kicked with a message: You were kicked by Console (Invalid Serial). I'm on vista home premium x64, so I've done the usual run as admin, compatibility as XP and disable UAC but all to n
  3. logIn ( player thePlayer, account theAccount, string thePassword ) Okay I had a go with this only yesterday, and got it to work once (then it broke itself) What I did was I made an auto-login function which was to auto ban people. all the function did was: function logMeIn() login Console, Console, Password end addEventHandler "onResourceStart", getRootElement Now for this to work it needs to have an account. So I edited the accounts.xml file and added a password to the Console user. Then tested it on the server, and it did work (once). I then went back and discovered it had added an
  4. tbh I dont think it really needs screenshots, just imagine grove street at 1am in the morning in foggy weather
  5. Hi, Well since MTA: DM came with a stealth gamemode I saw no reason to remake my sa-mp gamemode: Grove Street Stealth Challenge. So instead I've turned it into a small map. Nothing special, you spawn in Grove Street, and do your best to win. It takes place at night and in foggy weather ala the original G.S.S.C. Here's the download url: http://rapidshare.com/files/86535246/sth-gssc2.zip.html Chief.
  6. So ! Here it is, the mode no one's been waiting for TankJack-MTA V3.0. Okay, so what's new in V3.0. Well firstly you'll be pleased to hear that this version includes a new map (tj3-lv) to play. The map takes place solely in Las Venturas, the teams are closer, as are the bases. Secondly there was one really bad exploit found in the code (from all previous versions) which is why any server running older versions of the script should update to V3.0. It won't affect private servers so much as public ones, but either way it's always a good idea to upgrade to the latest version anyway Thi
  7. TankJack V2.0 is now released, all information as to the changes are in the top most thread. But here is the download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/85058994/Ta ... 0.zip.html
  8. uhhh, there arent any hydras in the mode I however got chased along the road with my hunter guards taking pot shots at me till my tank went on fire The problem has now been fixed and tested on my own public server with 2 other people. After several rounds the issue never happened. One major bug was however found which is now being worked upon.
  9. Always annoying when you *think* it's gone, and then it returns to haunt Currently looking into it (again). One problem is it seems to only happen with more than one player in a game Can you tell me if it only happened if the tank got destroyed? or did it happen on captures too. I did plan on doing this in a different map for TankJack, this is why I named the current map as tankjack-classic, a true remake of the original sa-mp version. I left the code that CTV uses in the game mode so anyone can use random spawns if they wish to make their own map
  10. Hi, The download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/86399387/Ta ... 0.zip.html The game mode idea: I was thinking what fun it would be to make the Vice City mission where you have to steal the tank and make it a team deathmatch gameplay where each teams' members would need to co-operate to complete the task. The game mode is as follows: 1) There are two teams, Grove Street OG & the Armed Forces. 2) The Armed Forces are taking a new piece of military equipment (the rhino tank) in convoy from one military goverened location to a Military Compound. 3) The Grove Street OG must hijack
  11. Thanks thestrangestick Have to admit out of all the maps I never expected to get rumble3 back, most people who joined the server it was on took one look at the map at quit immediately So I expected most server admins to have binned it long ago
  12. open the acl.xml file. Find the area that says: and set it to true.
  13. When I first got it I thought I'd discovered a lava lamp easter egg left in by the devs If you're quick and use exit vehicle, it fixes, and then you can enter the vehicle again and you're fine. It isnt just the hotdog van though, I've had it with the tank.
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