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  1. good that someone try to do one, but IMO, change the color of numbers cause its a bit unreadable here. Gj !
  2. cause sony put in contract that gta series stay on ps2 only for X month so people must buy the game and a ps2 or wait x month to have the game on PC and maybe xbox later... fucking Money makers...
  3. hum rockstar already know the fact that mta team will look into this, and thats why maybe they dont put an split screen, without the split screen no need to synch all things to the 2 player cause he s on the same screen :c). Sad that they donc put an split screen where all things will be so synch for eahc players and with that mta team can start more easily than vice/gta3. btw, i want it on PC....
  4. hum, why is this in this topic since there is no screen or movie and its not vc :\ waiting for gameplay vids of gtaSA.
  5. Flesh eater


    really cool idea, waiting the VC conversion !, Gj RA
  6. cause i wasnt able to go to the lan this month :c) I dont think i wont have prob to run the script since it works perfectly, i will reply here the day i try it with few friends. just wanted some infos dont displayed here : -when rounds/time end does it show the each team score ? -when it ends does it say who won the round ? -Does the players repawn if time/round ends ? or start to choice there occupations and start counting kills on rounds/time ? And just a small wish if it can be done, can the script take an screen of the teams score when rounds/time end ? thats all :c) thx for your replys
  7. the fact is i can't for this moment try the script on lan :\, but just wanted to know is news features or somethign was done :c) Cool so if it works perfectly !, can we have some screens of an in game party running with ?. If not no prob, i will see next month of lan, thx for the reply Mr Bump
  8. any update of this script oli ?
  9. changelog ??, hum its not the changelog that can make me playing right now...may he's final 0.5 coming back before MTA:BLUE, cause i think it will really far behind...
  10. so stop making mp mods that can't be playable... I started playing th efirst gtat and mta, and along the 2 devs mods, gtat is really behind. crash more than mta, less synced than mta...there is good tyhings on gtat, but its really unplayable :\, waiting for the real 0.5 final....still around 98% from 1 year... i f he can put the counter more around 30% its will be more real...not an attack of any sort, just my opinion of an gta player.
  11. back from weekend, :c) cool dl/ing it now !, thx mrBump for the fix
  12. whouhou cool thing, wiating the link to be fixed to test it this week on lan :c) Edit :plz MrBump fix it :c)
  13. first : nice one guys !, i read the spawn bug, so when i started mta 0.4 i always change my occupation, and i just want to say that i played 10 minutes, and no crash, i will try more time to see a crash :c) But i have a prob with mta client, if i click on servers (ASE), it launch mta client but i get an disconnected incompatible versions.. strange, so so only fix i thing i found is launching mta client, and only after putting ip adress and connect. (i tried to reset path, changing ini etc but bug unfixed), its minor, but maybe it can help to know that it exist :c) great work again, i must try gta3 mta now !!!, and ho do you plan to put amunition on vice with th enext core ??, and sniperrifle ! ;c), sorry i know its lot discussed over and over, so sorry again :c) Gj Mta team and all contributors !!!
  14. gta:sa seems to be only an addon stand alone, same engine with bugfixs, new vehicles players, solo. I was waiting for a real new game :\ btw it will be good as gta3 and vice :c), but sad if no mp, but cool in a way cause same engine maybe say mta can mod on it ;c).
  15. i dont know what are people who sayd that gtat 0.5c or d works fine...its just buggy as hell, lots of problems with cars, boats still rest, some cheats works (panzer), the sync is very strange, some times we dont knwo if there is really someone front of us... still waiting for the final product maybe the 0.5Z...
  16. hum boats worked for you ???, i started an sevrer, joining it, the 0.5b, and boats just dosnt work at all, i enter on of them, drive 5 meters and bamm, the boat get back to the port, and get stuck ...lots of things need fix :\
  17. yeah congratulation to the devs !!!, dl/ing the movie at this time :c)
  18. Flesh eater

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    humm..its sad that some people choice opt 1 cause they think it will be done before option 2 :\
  19. Flesh eater

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Why does it need teleports to travel ??, cause on VC there is already 2 islands with an small loading between :\ Maybe the engine is too old :\ But i prefer to have a big city than 3 smalls where i must disconnect to play another island. For me its option 2, so good luck guys :c) Edit : argh too many otpion 1 , maybe an "limit acces vote for guys under 5 post would be great ;c)
  20. only one inferno, bouhouhou :c)
  21. lol good one Aeron, thx for the link lol
  22. ahahah lol i agree Dgtadude for the idiot avatar lol, plz admins make it official :c))
  23. so is there a new beta now ???, still ne mp ?
  24. true , but thx for advance, maybe one day we will see servers with good names :c), actually at this time know its manhunt on Tmm server :c)
  25. Talidan do you plan to put inside too the VIP and King of the city inside ?, thats all, great job to all
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