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  1. First* I thought that is something wrong i MTA:mA, but today I connect to the server using MTA Remote Admin and I saw in remote: Connecting... Connected. but not!: Race list updated *) viewtopic.php?f=30&t=22308
  2. For example 1: Player left server but MTA:mA doesn't seen* this and try kick for to much ping ... *) in 1.ini is written that Player are on the server For example 2: Server change map, but MTA:mA doesn't seen this and doesn't know on which map players play (Unknown) For example 3: Someone join server but MTA:mA doeasn't seen this and if you for ex. check points, server say: Unknown** player ... **) in me script I didn't add some text I have server with this script more then year, but problems start some day's ago
  3. Not sure about handling the config, but as for the modifications you want you should go ask in the scripting forums and someone might do it for you, and if someone liked the idea and wanted to see it themselves, they might do it for free, but don't quote me on that I suggest that there be a script showroom/script request sub-forum here, it seems to be great for the sa-mp forums and would be a nice addition to the site. But I guess the resource center is basically a script showroom in itself Modification which about is topic can't be done by the scriptig in mIRC!!
  4. How much this modification could by cost?? I mean this three from my first post and reconfiguration anticheat (that I can set which handling isn't cheat)?? If price don't by to high I could pay someone from MTA team for this ...
  5. MTA: SA Deathmatch 1.0 Development Preview 1 is very good mod for people that are boring usually game ... but if someone love only race, that nothings is better than old MTA:SA Race 1.1.1 ... it is not only my opinion, that what I hear if I asking gamer playing on my server ... and one more things, many of user have old computers and they can play MTA:SA Race, but can't play MTA:SA DM ... __________________________ MTA:SA Race 1.1.1
  6. I hope that new race gamemode will be looking like MTA:SA Race 1.1.1 ... but with out any bugs and with my suggestion I wrote before ... .... but how long me must wait
  7. I know that MTA team work very hard on MTA:SA DM, but most people are thinking that first we see GTA IV ... It's not only me opinion, but that it's real so hard to do something with MTA:SA Race? It's very very very good mod - why did you write off this mod? That was I posted before ... Re-connect sugestion - http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=20438 2 sugestion for MTA:SA Race - http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=19370 30 seconds at end of race..... http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=19784 ... and good think was be that admin could by able to config
  8. Please say, what different is between: !.timer and .timer ? I use in this script !.timer and I don't know that is good ... its only timer to mta.text and script works but not wrote part of message ...
  9. my English can be better yes, I ask for this because I remember that I read that in MTA:SA DM we could play Race like now in MTA:SA Race What with the scripting i mirc?? Also be work in MYA:SA DM??
  10. Have you ever play long race map? Play for example 25 minutes / 30 minutes (or longer) and you lost connection, you were first and if you could re-connect to the same place you could win this race, but you only connect and start from the beginning ... DM = Race?? It can be done in race mode??
  11. Good thing in MTA:SA Race will by that when someone was disconnected form server, then when he re-connect* (connect again) he could by able to play from the same place that he was when lose connection with server. For example when you play long map (more then 10 minute) and something goes wrong, you lose connection with the server, now you re-connect and must wait to end of race because you don't have chance to win or only to end this race. *) re-connect to the same map
  12. it work's --> that what I posted in my last post I only posted this, because fore someone that can by useful - I was learn scripting only form this forum on base of mistakes everybody else
  13. alias findmap { var %a = 0 var %b = $replace($2,$chr(95),$chr(32)) while (%a < $mta.races($1)) { if (%b == $mta.races($1,%a)) !return = $mta.races($1,%a) !inc %a } !return } line 5 - "=" between !return & $mta.races($1,%a) alias findmap { var %a = 0 var %b = $replace($2,$chr(95),$chr(32)) while (%a < $mta.races($1)) { if (%b == $mta.races($1,%a)) !return $mta.races($1,%a) !inc %a } !return } And change this: elseif ($5 != $null) { var %del.time.compare.map = $findma
  14. elseif (($3 == !10del) || ($3 == !20del)) { if ($gus.level($1,$2) >= 7) { if (!$4) mta.pm $1 $2 Error - missing parameter! elseif ($4 isnum) { if ((0 > $4 ) || ($4 > 20)) mta.pm $1 $2 Error - parameter must by a number between 1-20! else { if (!$5) var %del.race.time = $mta.race($1) elseif ($5 != $null && $findmap($1,$5) == $replace($5,$chr(95),$chr(32))) var %del.race.time = $findmap($1,$5) else { mta.pm $1 $2 Error - Syntax: $3 <1-20> <full_map_name> mta.pm $1 $2 Repl
  15. hmm I think it help me ...
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