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  1. Not any bind i changed..
  2. No, i have always 50 Fps, and 20 ping. I even test it in my local server.
  3. Hi all, i have a problem with hunter fights. When my Hunter is on Head it dont shoot at the right moment, i mean it shoot 2 secs later as i pressed. I never had this bug before can someone help me pleas? Thanks
  4. Hey all, i have a little problem with my server. When i start a race map, he load everything but there dont come's up. I have a screen here. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Help me please
  5. Hello all, we have some minuted ago a clanwar with the team " Freaky Gamers " We won the clanwar (dd) 7-3 for us and they want some dm maps so we did a DM war too. We won the DD war 7-3 And they won the DM war 5-3 So we came on this website: http://www.fg-mta.tk And we See this! Uploaded with ImageShack.us And we also see this, we all know that razor is in the team |AW| Chek it here: We all know that " RaZor " plays in |AW| [/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us And we find this on freaky gamers website: Uploaded with ImageShack.us So guys, never play a cw with Freaky Gamers
  6. How can you have razor his v4 in your server? * deagle
  7. Hello all, if you are exchanging maps dont exchange them with GAMER. He is now uplloading my server too this communty!! Pls dont download it, and admin delete that topic from this website!
  8. If you have this map replry here
  9. I know but i need carshade loops, if you help im happy
  10. Hello, everyone i wanne make a nice DM but i dont really know how i must use loop genarator. My question is can some put here a screenshot of the defenition's Like my photo copy this : Offeset: Pieces: Radius: Thank's a lot when you help me
  11. Jambalaya


    Hi, i have yesterday bought a server but i don't know how to get admin rights. I can't register in my chat. Here is a pic.
  12. Jambalaya


    Hi there i need some maps. drift project 3 12+13+14+15+16 (of something like that) Trackmania by Tara And Zaya. And other cool maps you can send me mail : henk-jan1996@hotmail.com of give me a website were i can download them
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