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  1. You can uce IRC for that. (through it is in server owners hand) Exactly because only owners can use it, the idea of expanding it to all is not bad
  2. Rockstar Games took 10 years to create GTA San Andreas for mobile, it made the 80% of work That could be a great start too! Nice idea!
  3. Well, actually i dont think MTA will be possible for iOS, because MTA is only a client for GTA San Andreas and iOS doesnt allow apps to run other apps (u know what i mean). Maybe with Android it will be possible because its an Open-Source OS, this means that everybody can create their own style and its opened for ideas from everybody. The only way to get MTA possible on iOS devices, is to make an app that works only with Jailbroken devices. If MTA team gets in touch with Jailbreakers, i think something will come out
  4. Hello, as u can say from the title, GTA San Andreas has been released for iPhone and soon for Android! What are u waiting to release MTA:SA for it?
  5. ok i followed the procedure of the link u gave me, but i didnt understand the last one... I clicked "save all informations" then i created a file named DxDiag.txt WHAT to do now??? :\ sorry if i am noob..
  6. by the way, i have tried with moving the mouse, but no results... can someone tell me whats the problem?
  7. no?? so why when i start MTA 1.1 i see a better graphycs??
  8. every time i connect to a server i cant play, because i cant see anything because of this screen crash down Heres a picture of the bug: What could be the problem? ENB Series of MTA? As i see, MTA 1.1 has the ENB Series already built in... Maybe that's the problem? u should create a script with toggles the ENB Series on/off...
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