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  1. Exactly - http://mabako.net/blog/2008/02/kind-of-an-easter-egg/ (11th February 08)
  2. It's not a problem, it's a feature.
  3. core.log ** -- Unhandled exception -- ** Time = Fri May 30 23:31:14 2008 Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x00000000 EAX=109DD080 EBX=109DCC78 ECX=0658FF08 EDX=0658CFF8 ESI=05F3F4A0 EDI=0658FF08 EBP=1014E250 ESP=0022F648 EIP=00000000 FLG=00010246 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 ** -- End of unhandled exception -- ** .dmp file http://gtam.info/adam/client_05302008_2331.rar
  4. Hey, I've found a bug, so I thought I'd post it. When I want to see the lowest ping on the scoreboard it doesn't show me the lowest, but those pings which start with "1". Screenshot: http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/5765/mtascreen0001nj4.png Hope you fix this
  5. Oh, c'mon Brophy... it's just a mistake ^^ Maybe you want to join GTAM crew?
  6. /me takes a look at his posts Well, seems like he's not "teh sp33ling mastah" and all, but we haven't received as much e-mails as we expected so he still got a chance. As I said "we will see" ;p
  7. No, it's recruitment(at)gtam(dot)info But we've received your message, so don't worry
  8. As you may know, GTAM.info is the most popular website about all multiplayer modifications for every 3D GTA version. Well, GTAM is pol-lang. site right now. But we (administrators) have decided to create an English version! So the main message is - we are looking for newsmens! Requirements: - MTA/SA-MP/VC-MP knowledge - Proper English language usage - A lot of free time - A little bit of HTML knowledge (underline, bold, italic, center and similar) If you are interested, please send your applications to us [recruitment(at)gtam(dot)info]. Before you send an email, remember to take into co
  9. Whoooowheeee. Lift looks really good ^^ So who's gonna join MTA scripting team?
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