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  1. Could it be a problem with windows 98?
  2. It would also be a good idea not to post any sort of release date unless the team is %100 certain when it will be out.. It will be released : When Its Done edit... heh wrong post, but w/e
  3. BaK

    Hu ... ok !

    hahahahaha. Off topic, but I disagree Also, pay attention next time
  4. Frame Rate has nothing to do with your connection speed =P , but since you mean other than that, the lag this version is pretty bad, and I dont think it will be much of a problem in later versions.
  5. He meant what he said, a proxy server, not a game server browser.
  6. Donations are inconsistant and advertising doesnt bring in too much money.
  7. I dont think there is a gtamta dedicated server even for windows atm.
  8. I dislike CS, too slow paced and repetitive IMO, I get bored after a couple rounds. I would say Natural-Selection is better in every way. EDIT: Ive never played any GTA3 mods besides this one
  9. http://picserver.student.utwente.nl/ Free unlimited space/bandwidth place to upload pictures. I think there is a filesize limit though ...150-200kb?
  10. BaK


    I think we should go to war with Iraq, Saddam is insane. Him and his son(s?) commit gruesom crimes to civilians of his own country, I would go into detail but some of them are so horrible...
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