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  1. Perhaps if that was true, but seeing as it isn't... wtf? Tbh, GUS is a mess. A real mess. Not only hard to read but hard to change around and edit to what you want. You might find it easy to add NEW segments to it but it's a mess. And certainly not a good script to begin with, imo. No, personally, I'll take my PRS and run with it. Edited to perfection of course - with the help of Scoob when I started out no less.
  2. You know what would be easier? Just include the level system into PRS (I'm not saying Scoob should do it, definently not), that way you don't have to do all of this stuff in your awesomly bad script and can instead enjoy the comfort of a fully working script that's a lot better than, well, anything else. That's what I would do, if I wanted it that way.
  3. You can't, which is the whole point Either you make it timed, or you make it messy, both are things I opted against
  4. How in the world are you going to display 10 people in that tiny window? I instantly display 5. If you've bought 5 slots that is, you only get what you pay for In any case, right now it's more cosmetic and status than anything else
  5. Holy shit you guys really do like my friendslist ey? Actually a buylist/shoppinglist/whatever is great fun, but buying a ban, kick, or freeze or even mute isn't. That's just stupid. My 2 cents. Edit: A friendslist over 5 people isn't really fecible either, which is why I've limited mine to 5.
  6. I think a "CS mod" is retarded
  7. Thing is he didn't, he only read from an ini, although that's not really proper either.
  8. Kill the server, it'll store the new (I.E. your) bans. Then you can remove and reboot the server.
  9. Dead-Inside


    They'll all run.
  10. Oh, btw, you can reduce the hash size. There's a number that reads 1000 in the hash-section at the bottom. Basically it's how much resources (I'm not sure if it's CPU or Memory, or both) to give to any given hash. Anyway, if you decrease it, you increase checktimes but decrease stress on your machine. Edit: "Its not a bad pc, 2.1 GHz Processor." I've got 3.0 GHZ Intel, and it's what you'd call 'old'. Still I'm running a server AND playing C&C3. Your PC is bad, whatever specs you have.
  11. Hardly. PRS *is* better. If you prefer something else, fine that's your decission.
  12. First of all, specify RACES as a hash to be saved at the bottom (and loaded) Then remove the $+ between RACES and stats
  13. Dead-Inside


    Rename the timers .timer .timer2 .timer3 .timer4 .timer5
  14. Actually I need this too. I'm not about to script it just yet myself so if someone does until I do myself, I'll grab it.
  15. Why are you even running a server on such a shitty machine?
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