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  1. Usual problem, can't connect to servers. Game just throws me back to desktop, and MTA window shows up about reporting. I have tried play MTA at 2 PC's, both of them won't run this, result is same. And when this DP3 is going to be released??
  2. What for this Serial Number is anyway? I haven't needed it so far. Or should i?
  3. Lateksi

    Steam and MTA

    I bet you do, for nothing, i believe...
  4. There isn't any text, and i tried downgrade and it says gta_sa.exe is unkown version, so i guess it's 1.00.
  5. I can go now to game but can't join to servers, freezes after loading screen. Throws me back to desktop. I putted MTA compatibility to Windows 98.
  6. Lateksi

    Can't connect

    I can't join either, tried one [Official] server.
  7. I reinstalled game and mta, still same result.
  8. I just installed DM Beta and when i try launch MTA, nothing happends, it loads something but nothing happends. What went wrong? Btw, i have mods if that affects. I'll reinstall and see if that helps.
  9. Problem already gone! Thx anyway
  10. In game while i have connected to some server and trying play...Screen is flashing and lagging, and looks like when something moves (like cars) then it lags and flashes.
  11. I have to first problem again. I installed SA and MTA again. Game is lagging and flashing Please help!
  12. Okay...this isnt first time when i launch mta:sa. Game worked just fine when i played mta:sa first time, but now, looks like my in game screen is flashing and lagging EDIT: Somehow i got it work normally. BUT tell me if you know what could be the reason... My friend game worked just fine when i were in same server as him. I have re-installed MTA:SA and Server client*. Another problem... * I'm trying to use MTA Remote Admin "panel", but it wont connect to my server. Server is On. mtaserver.conf should be ok...
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