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  1. You got some pretty nice ideas there Ramrod
  2. You can find all your made maps in the MTA:SA folder, just go to MTA:SA > mods > map_editor > maps....then open the one you want with notepad. Then to change the timelimit just find and edit this bit. Also it goes in seconds, mine is set to 7min which is 420 seconds. http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k299/ ... ething.jpg Hope that helped.
  3. If you're trying to find the inside parts of houses like Madd Dogg's Mansion and all the safehouses, then they're under Buildings > Houses and Apartments. Some of Madd Dogg's Mansion bits are 14417-14431. Hope that helped.
  4. So pretty much you'd be trapped in a falling box surrounded with explosives? I love the sound of that.
  5. I think each one has its own pros and cons. Sometimes i might like the 'maze' type ones where it actually takes some effort to find and kill a person. However, i also like plain and simple DD especially if theres a barrel and everyones really close, KABOOM! . But then again, some really tight DD can totally suck cos you end up getting raped from all angles and cant move anywhere. Well thats my 2 cents
  6. ThatGuy


    That is freakin sweet. =D> Oh and i almost forgot......omfg look at the size
  7. As BigBadBob (an Admin of the NIR server) said: You're banned for good, end of discussion.
  8. ThatGuy


    That was taken directly from the TeamNIR server rules. You impersonated an admin (NIR_Spliffy), which gets you an instant ban. You deserve to be banned and i dont see any chance of the admins ever lifting that ban.
  9. ThatGuy


    Well i dont think anyone here can do it anything about it unless they're from NIR. Besides, theres probably a valid reason for you being banned. I suggest you wait for the TeamNIR forums to be back up and then post on there requesting to be unbanned.
  10. ThatGuy

    funny bug

    Well i tried doing the same thing in the Map Editor and it worked fine. So im just gonna go with what SamB said cos that actually sounds the most logical, lol.
  11. Well it just so happens that i guessed it to be on my birthday too, which is towards the end of march lol.
  12. ThatGuy

    funny bug

    Could it just be some horrible lag of some sort?
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