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  1. I don't know anymore how the Linux scripts are called but can't you write something which checks with bash commands if the programm runs and else starts it and put that in a cron job?
  2. Oke i didn't had to have this a time ago but now i need it becausse i have to make a gamemode and there has to be at least 2 players to test it
  3. Can't you just use 2 images? And alter the coordinates? Or make it digital then you need only 11 images.
  4. At least credits. But money is also something which is a normal thing to ask for script hours. Maybe MTA is free but PHP for example is also free and there are thousands of scripts which are made for money...
  5. And what do we get in return for our scripts...
  6. That isn't what i'm searching... I wanna join to the ip of my pc in the network so an ip like but when i use that ip which works for other games like Battlefield, SA:MP,... it won't work with mta
  7. Argon


    The mta team's module is maybe in WIP stage?
  8. Argon


    offcourse you do you made it yourself But i don't recommand it to myself becausse the function names are else so if the official module will work everyone can alters his scripts
  9. you can't upload dll files on a phpbb forum
  10. Feature request: file browser And if i have a resource test with a file test.lua in it what script path do i need to use?
  11. Nice! This is one of the reasons why MTA pwnz SA:MP now... I will try it i hope this works good
  12. Hi, I would like to develop a gamemode, the easiest way for me is to host on my pc where i script the server and so easy update al scripts and alter them. And on an other pc I test it direct. But the problem is the PC next to me won't connect to the server when i trie to join via quick connect to my ip adress in the network it gives a connection timed oud. Does someone can tell me what the problem could be?
  13. Argon


    If you don't know the answer just don't answer and let the guys who made MTA:DM answer they'll know the correct answer...
  14. And do you know some more specific information about the crash? Is it only with specific distro's or ... becausse i have an other friend who owns a linux server but with slackware. And btw if this could help you: I don't get anny output in my chatbox of the function /votemode, /gamemode, ...
  15. Oke, will there be a fix for this problem? Or do we have to wait untill a new developer preview or the official release?
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