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  1. i need the code/cmd for it thats what i said.
  2. Im using like vedic/vg scripts. You can on these scripts , i just need the cmd for it
  3. i did /addatm and i cant deposit money. Whats the cmd for a atm where u can deposit money.
  4. i know how to do it but when i try to do it for the interiors or the factions that error comes up ,
  5. says this , SQL query: -- -- Dumping data for table `factions` -- INSERT INTO `factions` (`id`, `name`, `bankbalance`, `type`, `rank_1`, `rank_2`, `rank_3`, `rank_4`, `rank_5`, `rank_6`, `rank_7`, `rank_8`, `rank_9`, `rank_10`, `rank_11`, `rank_12`, `rank_13`, `rank_14`, `rank_15`, `rank_16`, `wage_1`, `wage_2`, `wage_3`, `wage_4`, `wage_5`, `wage_6`, `wage_7`, `wage_8`, `wage_9`, `wage_10`, `wage_11`, `wage_12`, `wage_13`, `wage_14`, `wage_15`, `wage_16`, `motd`) VALUES (74, 'Eastside Rollin 20s Bloods', 0, 0, 'Inactive', 'R.I.P. Nigga', 'New Kid', 'Hood Bitch', 'Pasty White Bitch', '
  6. but when i do that. It overwrites the whole sql or it doesnt work. How do i just export a table like eg " accounts " and import it into a another sql . Without whiping everything.
  7. i figured out the mysql problem in the console i just need help on moving tables and that from one sql to another threw phpmyadmin
  8. like on the phpmyadmin , how you have all the tables and that like e.g the accounts with everyones usernames and that , i need to move interiors tables from on sql to another
  9. How do i move information from one SQL to another ?
  10. i fixed it. But i need to know how to get information from one sql to another. :l
  11. And nope doesnt work. Can one of yous add me on skype ? deroboyy97 , and team viewer me ?
  12. Why "test" ? the database is called vgtest D:
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