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  1. So I have to open MTA Server.exe and leave it running for at least 5 hours????
  2. 29 views and only 1 reply that isn't even helpful. Please help AUSSIE_22 P.S. If you help me set up my server i'll make you admin on it.
  3. i have waited. the error message is "Server Not Found" and when i click on host game it says "Starting LOCAL Server"
  4. I have opened my ports from portforward.com and checked that they are open but people can't see my server on the server browser and they can't even connect to my server through quick connect. Please Help AUSSIE_22
  5. Well then could someone please tell me how to make one?
  6. i said reply if you think YOU CAN HELP
  7. Hello, I am making a server on MTA but i am in need of a script that when the/a admin types "/zombie start" A zombie gamemode starts where zombies attack everyone. And the/a admin can type "/zombie stop" to stop the gamemode. If someone could tell me how to make the script, i would be happy to make them admin on my server. Thank you Regards AUSSIE_22 P.S. PLEASE REPLY IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP
  8. Hello, i am looking into making a rpg server, but i need a clothing, ammunition, car shop, mod shop, bank, food and housing script. could someone please help me.
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