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  1. KAR

    Twisted Metal MTA?

    Yea, I know but Interstate is nothing compared to Twisted Metal.
  2. KAR

    Twisted Metal MTA?

    If you don't know what Twisted Metal is, it's a vehicular combat game (a demolition derby that permits the use of ballistic projectiles: specific for TM). Anyway, do you guys think it would be worth creating TM in MTA? Would there be any problems?
  3. Just detecting if a vehicle hit a vehicle, example. In the game I'm remaking the lastest one has a "Ram %d pts" there, I would like to decrease extra damage for "ramming" and one of the vehicles has a special whereas he speed off and rams people hard, aka it's speed increase severely so anyone caught in the ram will be damaged hard. - look at 1:00 to see what I mean or 5:10 where he actually hits a playerThanks eAi
  4. Yes, I am converting my sa-mp script.. sa-mp can't detect object collisions so when I attempt to like shoot missiles it can sometimes hit the player and a load of shit. @Scooby well.. I guess are there any other ways you can think of? besides the one you posted^^
  5. I seem to get the idea of what you guys are saying.. I just checked the wiki about col shapes.. So I would like have to get the size of each vehicle then create a rectangle col shape on them? I got all vehicle sizes already I don't need this for every vehicle, only a few. #define Crazy8 474 #define Junkyard_Dog 525 #define Brimstone 576 #define Outlaw 599 #define Mr.Grimm 463 #define Roadkill 541 #define Thumper 474 #define Spectre 475 #define Darkside 514 #define Shadow 442 #define Yellow_Jacket 420 #define ManSalughter 406 #define Sweet_Tooth 423 those models
  6. hey.. I have searched all over the forum but I cannot find a callback like onVehicleHitVehicle( player vehicle, player theVehicleHit) Can anyone please help me make it or.. send me a link? thanks..
  7. @diegofkda, one thing i must tell you, the menus in sa:mp are the same menus from gta, so to be honest, you have no right to call the menu's stupid ugly or whatever, but you have a right for the dialogs/gui and learn to spell @CrystalMV you are correct, i missed that part, each individual player has to download the updated samp files, or it won't show for them/or work, thanks for pointing that out
  8. you can import lol, but theres just a limit of how much you can import. thats the only problem also samp doesnt use getboneposition or something, they use a simple native http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/SetPlayerAttachedObject
  9. KAR

    How Do I start?

    f i use notepad how would you figure out if the script has errors? well i'll check out the editor.
  10. KAR

    How Do I start?

    Well Sa-mp Got Shitty Obviously, I'd Like To Know How To Start Lua, I Downloaded The Server Package But Does Lua Have A Compiler Or Something? I Don't See Any Guides..
  11. KAR

    map editor wont load

    help when i click map editor it says san andreas data files curropted or somn like that help
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