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  1. BoRo, our Boro's full nick is borovkov, so I guess you are not the same. Our site is now avaliable in English btw.
  2. I didn't split TDH. Our site is http://www.tdhclan.ru and brian is not in our clan anymore. There were also 4 people who didn't want to obey clan rules and they were kicked as well. Now these idiots are claiming themselves as a real TDH while they are not. We have about 20 members and I'm sorry I sometimes forget to update the list of members here. If you wish to see our current list visit http://tdhclan.ru/viewpage.php?page_id=1 P.S. I would be also very grateful if some lil smartasses won't discuss our clan's inner policy and tell whether clan has been splited or not.
  3. We are the oldest russian clan (exists since autumn 2003). Two of our members (Boss & Beaver) were leading in gstats long ago in MTA 0.4-0.5. Our clan has also took the first place in sa-mp league 2006. Our site is http://www.tdhclan.ru and it is now avaliable in english, german and french (via on-line translators). Our members are: Boss Driver Beaver EvgeN aXor Grisha Shadow Wolf AL Suns Boro Slayer Spy Kenny Radeon
  4. Try this one: http://www.tdhclan.ru/MTAIMeng.swf
  5. It's an international holiday actually.
  6. Actually, I would be glad to pay 100$ if it comes out tomorrow.
  7. That's what I was dreaming for. ^^
  8. Oh, then I've just been misunderstood. Did you actually think that I've made MTA-like Ion Cannon in sa-mp? lol
  9. What would you like to see there? It's just a text which says smth like "Ion cannon has strike near you, you have been damaged by 87,3 hp". It's even lees realistic than CTF. Well, everything will change in MTA.
  10. Before this?! Yeah. I has made advanced mode, which mixes CS, UT and some other teamplay games. I have made lots of maps, voting for the next map, cs_, de_, dd_, es_, as_, tdm_ and ctf_ modes and a HUGE shop with all the weapons and some extra items. And ion cannon was one of them.
  11. I have made "ion cannon" in sa-mp, but it's far not that realistic. Thanks for this tutorial.
  12. 1) Is there any way to specify teargas radius and density? 2) Is there any way to make player's screen darker? I mean not as dark as at 00:00, but much more darker. 3) Is there any way to cut player's view distance? These would be great for tactical TDM.
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