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  1. oh, that script looks very nice! i will test it today on my servers...^^ but i´ve got one problem: we use prs since about 1 year and many people have good stats in that so want to import these stats.^^ does somebody knows how i can QUICKLY import them... ? Thanks for fast anwsers Gr00vE
  2. good work frank but i have a question? is this for windows and/or linux server? because i have a linux root server and in the download there was the windows server in the folder because it was a .exe - file ... it is for linux too? MFG [TbO]Gr00vE
  3. hey truth, i think i found it here: http://www.softlookup.com/download.asp?id=47851
  4. it looked very good but i tested it on my home - server und this happened: http://tobaco.ath.cx/mta-server/Wanken-Maps/index.php i know that it is german and you aren´t germans but perhaps you can tell me what´s wrong..^^
  5. very, very nice! I must have that; i can´t wait anylonger! i searched many times for such a script and now i found it when you will release it? PS: i have a question: can you add a page where you can add a page which looks like this ? : Its a screen from Mate, a andvanced Remote-Admin tool which i use on my servers.^^ When you could do this i will be very happy! pls try it. MFG Gr00vE
  6. HA,HA KINQ !!!!!!!!! i think you CAN´T speak ( write ) English, because "can" in german means ( kinq and me, we speak german and i guess him ) "kann" and "can´t" means "kann nicht" . And you can´t script, too, because your script was much more badder than mine.^^ And I scriptet gave it to you 2 months ago, too. But @ Scooby: My scipt really works perfect on my servers! i don´t know what you want to tell me... And the last think: in my script i have it like this: if ($3 == !createdcoms) { .timer 1 1 mta.pm $1 The actual added Commands are: .timer 1 3 mta.
  7. Hey @ all I hope somebody can help me: I use prs 1.3 since it hast been released and i think it´s a very good script, but something is mising: There are only the map-modes "Race" , "DD" and "RS-DM", but i also want "Stunt" and "Skill" . Because on a stuntmap you don´t need a besttime-pm and so things. You only need a message: " This is a Stunt - Map. It´s only Fun and without a ranking, so have fun! " And perhaps you need a command !timeleft, that shows how long it is to the end of the map! And skill mode should work like this: On start comes " This is a skill map, the time is not imp
  8. Today it´s 15 th of July and it´s after 12 o´clock but the script has not been released! Can you release it now, please! ? THX Gr00vE
  9. thank you, i have needed this! But do you know the Admin Programm M.A.T.E. ? that´s a better one than mirc and the original, the scripts are all so good, but i have no scripts for that! now my question: can somebody who knows the programm make, that commands from mate work (i only use mirc for the scripts^^ ). THX Gr00vE PS: Sorry for my bad english, but i´m german ...
  10. We already had this, for example look HERE! , but use mine, i have made it a little bit better! : alias mta.getid { var %a = 0 while (%a <= $mta.server($1).cmax) { if ($+(*,$2,*) iswm $mta.nick($1,%a)) !return %a !inc %a } !return -1 } on *:SIGNAL:mta.adcon: { Commands.checks $1- if ($3 == !info) mta.text $1 Add-Commands-Command 1.0 by House MD, edited by [Tbo]Gr00vE. elseif (($3 == !AddCom) || ($3 == !RemCom)) { Addand.Ban $1- } elseif ($3 == !CreatedCom) mta.text $1 There are currently $lines(Commands.txt) created commands elseif (!addedcoms iswm $3) { mta.
  11. That isn´t it! The text from the original PRS 1.0.mrc says that:^^ elseif ($mta.level($1,$2) > 0) { And this is in my script, too ! Help me Please
  12. Oh sorry, I have made a mistake! I uploaded it now again here (now, it is a .zip-File): http://xzxz2.xz.funpic.de/MTA-Scripts/MTA-PRS1.0.zip I hope that it works now! Again thanks for help!
  13. @Scooby: Have you clicked with the right mouse button on the link and click on "save target as ..." Then it should work! PS: But when it don´t work yet, I can upload my script as a .rar- or .zip-file ?
  14. Hi, i have got a problem: I edited [uVA]Scooby´s Public Release Script 1.0 and I have a few version of my edited script. But in the latest version (in this I added some good features from Public Release Script 1.1) all the Admin commands don´t work! And I want to ask you, that you can help me to correct the mistakes? Here you can download my script (sry, but it is in German, because I´m from Germany and it´s soooooooooooo long [i´ve added more than 40 commands to Scooby´s Script! ] ) : http://xzxz2.xz.funpic.de/MTA-Scripts/MTA-PRS1.0.mrc ( On the Download you must click with r
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