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  1. I downloaded the last driver but nothing:(( Any other sugestions?
  2. nothing? you found the last driver?
  3. my motherbord is : ASUSTeK Computer INC. M2V-MX SE (CPU 1)
  4. sorry for double post but nobody not k'now hoew to repair mi problem?
  5. I have this bug in map editor and if i play on a server. In singleplayer or samp I not have this bug
  6. yes the gta san andreas works good at 800x600x32 with VIA Chrome9 HC
  7. My operation system is windows xp profesionnal service pack 3,and my video car is VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family. Sometime i make something and MTA it's work's greate but I forgot wath i done. So how to solve this problem ?
  8. I have the last directx update the last visual card driver I deleted D3DX9_42.dll but nothing:( So ? the problem not have solves:|
  9. Hi all I am new at forum:) I have a problem with the editor. The editor its work good but I have one tipe of loading lag:|(see the picture) Hope someone help me. hope it's not a same topic
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