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  1. how about play in window mode?
  2. Thanks for the help, but the problem waset MTAs fault, it was a f*cking virus that f*cked DirectX. But its all fixed
  3. Foobaar13337

    Cant start MTA

    I have played MTA SA for a long time, suddenly I cant play. This is what happens: I open MTA exe file, then the banner comes up, then the screen turns black and then comes this messege: "MTA:SA encountered an unrecoverable error and had to exit. MTA Team is sorry for any inconvenience this may caused." HELP
  4. 5. Be able to play in WINDOW MODE. So you are not trapped in game. 6.Checkpoint should ALWAY be on top on the radar. When there are many players on server you cant se what to go.
  5. One more. 4. In the chat, when other write !stats and stuff, plz, just make so the user can se them, and no one else, it just scew up that chat and make your messeges dissapper very fast. I had more in my mind but forgot them
  6. Ok, i have some 1. ONLY refresh the server if you click on "Refresh" button, its very irritating when it refresh like that, and worst part is, you have to wait until it is full refreshed, otherwise you get a INTERNAL ERROR. 2. Be able to go back to the deskop, dosent matter what you do, impossible. 3. Be able to write /kill when you are muted. So Admins, what you think. They are important IMO.
  7. yes, that helped alot thanks But there is a limit of 20min(i put it to 999999) Can the limit be changed? Or is the limit in machin code?
  8. I have not moded GTA before, so can you tell me what the file name is? and is it in server or client?
  9. I have done a long map, and 10 min is to little, how can I make it longer?
  10. my english is not good but that link i think says that there is no fix for this or?
  11. WHAT? Then why cant i play, i luanch Multi Theft Auto.exe, first does the messege comes, "Stopp playing with yourself", then nothing happnes, why? I use WinVista Need more info? let me know
  12. okey.. EDIT: Can i play online without a account?
  13. okey, sorry for my bad attitude How can i contact him?
  15. So... Any ADMIN knows when this will be fixed? Or admin can create a account for me?
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