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  1. working on this map on and off I used deLUX GTA Map Converter to test some maps on another gta multi player mod you know the one with bugs
  2. A look into the underground room Outside the other side of the tunnel More things added outside Empty Car Park Still more to add
  3. I added a room underground already
  4. I don't want to work with anyone right now since I hardly have anytime to work on my own maps. Do know this when DM ever comes out my maps will be free for download for anyone who wants to put them on their servers cause I just want to play the DM. about the glitch where you can walk just spawn like 5 vehicles deep underground somewhere in a city then keep testing the game till the character spawns on ground
  5. This here is a very early look at another DM MAP I am making. I used the glitch where you can walk on ground (you know the one where you spawn a vehicle below ground till it blinks) http://youtube.com/watch?v=SF_lWQwoTHs
  6. Coming Soon to a DM near you alot of pics huh?
  7. and the IP to this server is..... ?
  8. havent tested it on foot but maybe the door glitch has to do with the bike since its not supposed to be in that building in the first place.. but then agian I dont know
  9. find some kind of office and then edit it with more objects Test it out.... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0PWRNVVC
  10. didnt look like a DM on foot map.. it was a rc plane dm
  11. which ones are the dms?
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