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  1. Hey Cray asked me to write this so here I go In MTA 0.4 there is in Vice city ingame Admin for the server you are logged into this only works in vc if you have a admin tool connected to the server you are playing on. 1. Write "/rcon open" to start the ingame admin 2. For a list of ingame admin commands write "/rcon help" remember you have to start the ingame admin before you can write "/rcon help".
  2. dystopia they have allready said that the backwheel problem is there if you got vice city 1.1 ! that's one reason why the recomened 1.0 of vice city !
  3. SoWErA2


    This is what I have been waiting for a long time A program that can kick or ban people because to high ping for a consistent amount of time. And of course i like the part with more anti cheating integrated also You got yourself a server that is willing to be running with this
  4. Dank You might feel that way but all people in this world are not that bad All people don´t stand at the spawning area and then start shooting at all people who spawn this is just the same thing just that in this case they decide if they will kill you or not ( You probably are a spawn killer:( )
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    I would really like it if you could change the enable and disable buttons to something else because when i use helicopter or even bike i use numpad8 So please change to either f5 or f6 or f7 or f8 or / or * or something else in anycase please Don´t use numpad 4or5or6or8 because i am using them to go forward backward left right with the helicopters !!!
  6. SoWErA2

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    Hey you can upload it on my ftp i will send you a pm with log pass then i will tell mta to add the file on there page through my ftp I cinda know one or two in MTA at least friendly
  7. i ment a small bubble just saying the person is writing something
  8. Do you want it or not ???? so people maybe don´t kill you when you are writing something
  9. neither did I and i searched for info about a new patch for vice city in 30 min
  10. I want pictures and even a movie coman can someone please add a url to a movie or picture or upload a picture please
  11. that meens never right ? because it´s 10 times better then GtaT and the fact is that 0.2 of gtat is out
  12. The fact is the next game from rockstar: san andreas will be having multiplayer in it and that meens lets get rid of gta3 and vc and start playing san andreas multiplayer !!!!!!!!! so unless the multiplayer support from mta or any group isn´t done in a couple of weeks there will be no need for it except for the people with sucking computers that can´t run the new gta from rockstar !!!!!
  13. Yani and they told you or all of us also that if they are gona make support for 1.0 and 1.1 that would meen more coding and that would meen also a later release of the mod and that´s not something i wana risc for 2 small fucking mega byte !!!!!
  14. |Y|aNi}{ wrote: Neo-Ice and me found a bug.....we killed each other and then we only saw an arrow moving with a shadows bellow it.... _____________________________________________________________ I have to tell you but when you see an arrow moving with a shadow under it i think it´s when someone have cheated a car by writing: "gettherefast" and as you probably know cars are not supported yet so when you are in a car the other player see an arrow and a shadow under it !!!