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  1. This is help forum not request forum Here is the deal Try to make by yourself if something goes wrong post the code here with the tag [lua] and [/lua] and we will say you what to do (or when isn't so much to work fix)
  2. This isnt a request section , its a help section Try first and than post hereyour problem
  3. loler

    Attach element

    Hello , momentanly im making a bar system (with beer , etc) I want only to ask when i can attach objects to bones and when yes with what function (maybe attachElement) ty
  4. You mean as : "Kills" , "Deaths" , "Ratio" (Dont works well) , "Ammo" , "Current weapon" ,"Health" , "Armour" (is it is) OR the functions?
  5. lol :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD C00l hah? to copy links from scripting for saudi server: Learn from there links what i gived and put here your problems (after you tried)
  6. Here is scripting introduction : http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Scripting_Introduction Here is gui introduction: http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Introduction ... ng_the_GUI Here is debbuging tuturoial: http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Debugging Here is resoruce introduction (includes : meta.xml , web acces , resource catalouge): http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Resources And the last for you (there are 2 more but here you dont must to write a gamemode) : http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Useful_Functions And when i read good you want to make top 10 , right? than you need to use : getElementData from : http://w
  7. im not expert but setPedSkin Isnt depreceated? you should use setElementModel
  8. Yeah @[sTM]Metalhero please dont make your own functions and better search in wiki. and please use "getElementData" NOT "loadPlayerData"
  9. elseif (string.find(message,"!stats")) and not (string.find(message," !stats")) then local playerCash = getElementData (source,"cash") local playerPoints = getElementData (source,"points") local playerRank = getElementData (source,"Rank") setTimer(outputChatBox,50,1,getPlayerName (source) .. " #ffd700has " .. tostring(playerCash) .. "$ and " .. tostring(playerPoints) .. " points! He is Rank " .. tostring(playerRank) .. "!",getRootElement(),255,0,0,true) As i said its "getElementData" not "loadPlayerData" and this is the last time that i help you
  10. i gaved him a example lol
  11. function getPlayerRank (thePlayer) if (getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Points") <= 0 ) then setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Rank") "Newbie" ) elseif (getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Points") <= 100 ) then setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Rank") "Guest" ) elseif (getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Points") <=250 ) then setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Rank") "Player" ) elseif (getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Points") <= 500 ) then setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Rank") "Known" ) elseif (getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Points") <= 1000 ) then setElementData(getLocalPl
  12. 1. Its getElementData NOT loadElementData 2.Is this a script? no , i dont think so wait im making it in 5 min 3. it isnt "local r1" or " local r2" use insteand "r1" or "r2"
  13. Well Its correct and Delete the: end It's the last 1 why should he delete that line? thats the end of the script when if im not wrong the script must look same this: function recourse_says_hai () explosions1 () end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), recourse_says_hai ) function explosions1 () createExplosion ( -2094.9040527344, 1419.5814208984, 15.529975891113, 12, false ) createExplosion ( -2061.7202148438, 1419.6507568359, 15.529975891113, 11, false ) createExplosion ( -2061.6442871094, 1437.0441894531, 15.529975891113, 0, false ) createExplosion (
  14. tinnetju , you must delete the lines with X , Y ,Z you must have only the coordinates
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