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  1. and what i find funny is that you said in the San Andreas Modes forumn you said that it should be coming out in march or april, and that you were very anxious about it too. So how can you post something that says it will be coming out in a month?
  2. hey studio, first of all read the topic review, it says guess when its going to come out, second don't call us idiots cause were not. And third of all you got to calm yourself down bro, it will come out when MTA is all done and feels like its ready
  3. the race is still a lot of fun though. Can't wait though for the DM to come out, its going to be hott.
  4. maybe your firewall or youe online virus blocker or something like that is blocking from you to connect.
  5. LiLF27

    a question

    yeah, i had that problem too, but hopefully the dm will be better
  6. thats pretty crazy, since you can upload your own maps nd stuff, can you also upload your own cars and weapons or anything like that?
  7. its true though to come to think about it, you wanna get rid of all the bugs as possible so people can actually enjoy the game. Ok now I understand. Wasn't there something wrong when the race first came out?
  8. i can just imagine how much fun this would be.
  9. o ight, im new at this, i only been playing for like 2 weeks so im learning new things every day about this.
  10. sryy i thought u also wrote the bottom of ur post, but i just realized thats part of ur profile, sryy.
  11. who said im bugging them, yo what the hell is with all of this, i just made an opinion. Don't tell me thinks that im not doing.
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