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  1. I don't want to discuss, but seriously what are you talking about? you got like 1% of the ideas of that control panel, And mini-missions, you think that helped whole gta-multi? I asked alot of people to advertise on forums and that is not your small game-server wich made Gta-multi succeed.
  2. We have 3 dedicated servers. Two of them are for game servers and one is for web sites, web host. Old sites that were bought before we got the web server are still on the main dedicated server, which is still less than 80% full. RAM/CPU usage is always under 70%. Well we didn't do this. That is some kind of lie wich was made up by Rui, the owner of MM. He stole 1200$ from one of Gta-multi's projects. After we have found out about that, we have investigated further and noticed it really was him. Because of that he was kicked out and his server was suspended. Note that we did NOT compromise a
  3. Hello Zaya-Z Could you tell me what problems we got? since everything is working fine for the last months. Regards, Gta-multi
  4. There is nothing wrong on the first image, since they got different IP's / Ports At the second image, yes i will look into this problem. Regards, Gijs
  5. Yes you can create up to 5 mysql databases for free! and control them with phpmyadmin. You can also try it out, goto The Login page and login with demo / demo Kind Regards, Gta-multi
  6. Hey guys! Awesome news! We have just opened our brand new website, https://www.gta-multi.com! We have introduced a lot more features and we have polished and redesigned the services we provided before. Not only do we have some more services, we have also introduced FOUR new locations ! Your Multi Theft Auto Server can he hosted in any of the following locations: - The Netherlands - The United Kingdom - Germany - France Not only that, we are also planning to introduce VPS's to our company! With our new website, a completely brand new custom built Control Panel was also introduced!
  7. We got some problems with our server where the site is hosted and it went down, but now im glad to say that is everything fixed and we are again online http://www.gta-multi.com Regards, The Team of Gta-multi
  8. Good news, We finished our Demo Control Panel, so you can test and judge our features! You can watch the control panel demo by going to: Http://Demo.Gta-multi.com Regards, Gta-multi
  9. Hello Dear MTA Players and Server owners. I would like to introduce you a new but way very stable mta hosting company: Gta-Multi -On Gta Multi, we offer quality mta servers and web hosting. -On Gta Multi, we got a powerful controlpanel to control your mta server under many possible ways. -On Gta Multi, you will get a free MySQL Database and free FTP account. -On Gta Multi, your server will be hosted in one strong German dedicated server wich will give you the best speed and pings. -On Gta Multi, you get acess a to loads of features on our panel like: Start / Stop / Restart your m
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