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  1. i'm not talking about gtasa im talking about mta
  2. ldecharmoy


    it dont work?
  3. nope, it was a hp and did not come with a cd with xp on it!
  4. ldecharmoy


    I know, i cant use mta, so it doesnt matter Then why use this forum? because i can and will!
  5. ldecharmoy


    I know, i cant use mta, so it doesnt matter
  6. ldecharmoy


    ok, know how you can download car modz on websites for GTA:SA, well what do i do after i download it? how do i get the car?
  7. ya, i did have xp for the old one, and the reason i bought a new computer is because i was laging b/c of the processor that sucked!!
  8. so i bought this new computer just to play this game and i cant, that sucks!
  9. Hi, it is me again from last post, how do i change my vista to xp, would it be free b/c i dont have money?
  10. SON OF A MOTHER FUCKEN BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I have Windows Vista and need to know what i need to download to play online?!!
  12. Sorry guys, but just got the game and want to know everything i need to know to start playing, like what to download and how to join a online game, stuff like that. Thanks
  13. Fuck dude, i hate my fucken computer, the internet keeps shutting down, the computer sucks so much it lags like a bitch when i play which sucks, nvm guys, i am going to just buy a new computer and then do it later but thanks for your help, see ya!!!!!!!!
  14. I just got GTA:SA and am downloading the mta stuff for it but it needs me to log in, or register for a client thingy and it said the thing is not working and i want to play, what can i do to get an account?
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