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  1. Hi, I am using MTA DM 1.0.3, and I was wondering how to get to the 8-Track hotring racing stadium in Map Editor. It isn't on the teleport list. Thanks in advance.
  2. I like it how it is in the Christmas video: pods are a waste of time, glowing checkpoints and server commands are a lot more practical (and stable).
  3. That would be too complicated. I think Madkilla is suggesting we all create accounts on the MTA website (one account per email address), and are not allowed to start up MTA without an account on mtasa.com. This way, no synchronisation is required between servers and mtasa.com, apart from their input on who should be banned: which could be detected by the MTA .exe itself which contacts the site when a user is kicked. Eventually, you have a simple system that keeps all but the very determined cheaters out. 'Determined' cheaters being those that can be bothered to create a new email address a
  4. Waves are dependant on the weather, i.e. more waves in storms than a sunny day at Grove Street.
  5. The Andromada's .col files can be overcome with MTA's new glue system, whereby you could glue the bike inside the plane, and drop it off when finished, bypassing any interiors.
  6. With my mx440 I never got a frame rate higher than 5fps, and don't even think about using it in the final mission: smoke everywhere! It's probably because I never overclocked it, and I had a pretty pathetic processor/motherboard set up.
  7. To be honest, I think you'd be a bit foolish to place sniper rifles in a clan war situation: there would be no action.
  8. Hammertime in the middle of SA! By the way, on SA:MP, locking cars never worked, as cars always respawned locked: calling for stranded players. Better integration of locks would be better. But the most important thing to remember is: take responsibility for your own property: no locking makes the game more fun and adds a little challenge.
  9. Maybe coordinates and such could be recorded during beta testing, and could be played-back to spectators via mtasa.com. This would prevent lag, and still allow users to get an up-close view of the action (instead of a two-dimensional video).
  10. I think it would be quite amusing to have fights over the radio with your passenger/driver. Though of course the novelty would wear out after a while.
  11. epoxi

    Player blips

    So maybe the script could be advanced, where (when you're in the woods) people are close by, they show up on the radar. This works similar to that of heat sensetive goggles, where you can see people close to you, but not those at the other end of Back o' Beyond.
  12. Not sure if this has already been implemented, but a 'favourites' list would be extremely useful, so you could visit your favourite servers without trawling through a global list.
  13. That's a better idea actually, because you won't die instantly from a headshooting sniper, but MTA will still (fairly) realistically tell the difference between being shot in the leg or the head. I'm still keen on the option to turn headshots on: mega fun sniper wars.
  14. I agree: Vista is a complete waste of time, but Microsoft have the monopoly so we're all going to eventually take the plunge. Say bye bye to any P2P, any software that doesn't pay M$ a licencing fee, most AV software and game mods. I really don't see why (other than money) Microsoft has made Vista so incompatible. I guess they do it because they can, and they have marketing so cleverly worked out, that there will never be a Mac or Linux 'revolution.'
  15. I take your point, however I was suggesting we scrap casinos: casinos make money too fast, and mess up stats.
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