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  1. I'll say somethings what i done to make my server work . When i've been opening my Server Window it was saying Game-Monitor Succesful but it wasan't working because i had to get my server on Browse 'Internet' to get my server on Browse 'Internet' i had to go to my host and do a ip forword after i dont it it was still not working and i went to my host again then to ADVANCED then i went to FireWall & DMZ Then where it says FireWall setting enable the SPI then where it says DMZ HOST some where down it says Enable DMZ Host : tick the box then write the server ip in select ur computer name then save settings and it should be working and ur server should be on the game-monitor . Hope it will work . And sorry for my bad english .
  2. maxxale if you dont know i'll tell you FTW is a cheaters clan .
  3. Is working now . This is what i done . I went to my netword then i went to advents then i went to firewall and i enable'd for people to connect on my ip and it worked .Now people can connect and the server is on GAME-MONITOR and is on the BROWSE SERVER on INTERNET . Anyway thank you MTA:SA . http://www.game-monitor.com/mta_GameServer/ This is the game-monitor where my server is .
  4. Ohh i did that and is not working it keep's telling to people Time out and i wated 7 or more hourse and the server didant go to Interner. Is there another thing that i can do ?
  5. Maxaxle are you a part of FTW?
  6. Hello MTA when i give my IP and PORT to people soo they can do quick connection it says Time Out only when im on the server but if i go off the server when they do a quick connection it says Connection failed . I done a forword port but still not working can some one help me . And my server is not on Browse is only on Lan just for me . The server is working every thing the scripts every things work but people can't connect to the server can some one help me please .
  7. The server is called : Ankeborg's Playground [sA] I know that im not a admin or something on mta sa but i thing is unfeir for other server because people are training using there hackes on that server and then they going on otheres servers using them . first thing : on that server are the most cheaters and the server owner doesnt do nothing about it they just kick people out for nothing when i told the server owner to bannde people too he seed no . second thing : some one need to talk to the server owner and tell him to sorte out the server . theird thing : on that server people can use them hackes because they know that they own get bannded because the server owner doesnt do nothing . Fourth thing : when i told them to sorte out the server cause im gone report it the server owner was gone listen to my but then some guys start kicking my out Fifth thing : that server is a mess i thing that isant a server , well it says freeroom but not that mess is to messy i thing on that server is going all the mta sa hackers . From what i heard : [LMS]*Bayron*[LMS] is the server owner he doesnt speak english he speakes spanish only. Thank you for reading this topic .
  8. can i be an admin on ur server ?