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    could you please look on the news site?
  2. Cheating in online games are activities that modify the game experience to give one player an unfair advantage over the other players. Depending on the game, different activities constitute cheating, as it is often a matter of consensus opinion. Wikipedia everything that is done by an extern application/tool is cheating
  3. What about a command to show the hitboxes of the players like you can do in counterstrike? it would help learning how to aim and shoot in mta
  4. the Windows key -> ESC -> lef mouse trick works very good big thanks
  5. I dont think this is the reason paul Normally its impossible to run it on sa-mp too, but with a little applicatio ( I dont know if I can tell you the name ,not a cheat but something that disables anticheat) I could run it on sa-mp, Im quite sure it will work on mta too
  6. because its only a "stories" game it would be lesser profit anyway so why dont talk to sony: if you give me some million I will release this game only for your PSP
  7. the stories were little games with nothing new that were just created to support the Playstation Portable Rockstar didnt paid alot to create this games, but GTA IV is new it had costs a lot of money to them so the must reach as many clients as possible. Of course it will be later for PC, thanks to pirates but it will be a very sure and hopefull client of rockstar!!!
  8. but they said it wont be an MMO so it wont be an Massive Multiplayer Online Game. So there wont be many players, and without many players RPG is most of the time senseless
  9. you think rockstar will create RPG games with 10 players in it? sounds really funny.
  10. I heard you had problems with finding people for massive tests? so just release the Client host a server with the maximum player limit and let people join. => You can test player limit, lagg, scripting functions with many players and and and AND the players will be happy AFTER the test just shut the server down and its good (anti cheat removed in the test version of course) If you want to test sth new, just release new Client and host new server
  11. Maybe can the MTA team extend the basic multiplayer of GTA IV? so basic things would be from Rockstar (better synch etc.)
  12. Yay! sources plz of course I got sources From the "Game Informer" http://www.seffect.pri.ee/GTA4/Game%20I ... 10-DMK.jpg look in the last part
  13. you can trust R* if the say that there won´t be a RPG multiplayer, maybe Xbox live, but nothing like MTA
  14. Rockstar said that GTA IV wont have a MMORPG multiplayer so mta will have a job . I think the multiplayer will be like in SA
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