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  1. "model" - object model "rx,ry,rz" - rotation variables "zoffset" - z offset
  2. artek


    RPG server in progress here you have screen from beta playing.
  3. And this is my question how to set order in scoreboard ? example i want to $ Money(order 2), Time Playing (order 5) etc.
  4. what is next ???? ;( please man..
  5. i dont know scripting please help me
  6. hi i must use executeSQLCreateTable but what next?
  7. Sorry for double post, but i have a picture for you first attempt to face. And here it is already in the game; It does not look perfect today because he is a neuter player Behemoth, we got this in an email. But I threw it here for reasons such order to show you that from day to day work. edit: face is weak but it was done on a weak computer, so we wrote why we appreciate the work.
  8. SATAN, you make maps normal map editor 1.0.4 ?
  9. Of course, everything is very difficult to do but I will not surrender. I'll do it for the end of the year promises photos will appear soon. The first gameplay a little bit later.
  10. hehe I made a page for this project here where you can preview our work link: http://www.ava-world.tk/
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