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  1. what if i can get it from internet... my freind did
  2. well i dont got GTA:SA on comp and i dont got MTA:sa (10)
  3. i only got MTA:SA not MTA so where do i get the ones that work ? like....the working MTA with v.1.1.1 MTA:SA
  4. i do not know,give me a link to it pls i got MTA:SA 1.1.1
  5. i am very sorry.i got a little carried away because im excited if i can play this game
  7. HELP! look, i got mta sa installed and all.but when i click multy theft auto.exe,a browser pops up,then i click my the location that i installed,and then the "DONT SEND ERROR POPS UP" i hate that error.i click dont send then it closses it.pls help me
  8. i do but then i get a dont send error and it closes
  9. ok now i see multy theft auto.....i click it and it shows a browse thing and i click were i installed it then it shows a " dont send error"
  10. lol im there but.. the only files i see are MTA center login,mods,server,msvcr71,MFC71
  11. hello im new ...ok i got mta...and i click mta server,a little black screen pops up and says: Untiteld MTA:SA Server mod:San andreas : race mod 1.1.1 max players:16 ##### server sucessfully started on port 22003 type quit to shut down the server ....ect.....what do i do next..... pls help me get the game started so i can play
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