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    Don't listen to him.. Those timers are not needed at all, these 1 2 3 4 5 are just timers' names, you can set it to whatever and it's mostly needed if you're expecting to control your timer in future, like stop it. In the countdown that is not needed at all Ok, thnx
  2. Raoul


    Many, many thnx. Both Scooby and Toady. One question, what is different if I do .timer .timer2 .timer3 .timer4 .timer5?
  3. Raoul


    I want to make a countdown script, but I ran into a problem. I dont know how I can prevent my script to go on into minus. This is just a part of my script, if you take 2 it will eventually say "-1!" if ($3 == !countdown) { var %b = $4 if (%b > 15) mta.pm $1 $2 Maximum amount of seconds is 15. elseif (%b == $null) mta.pm $1 $2 !countdown else { mta.text $1 Get ready! !.timer 1 1 mta.text $1 %b $+ ! !.timer 1 2 mta.text $1 $calc(%b - 1) $+ ! !.timer 1 3 mta.text $1 $calc(%b - 2) $+ ! !.timer 1 4 mta.text $1 $calc(%b - 3) $+ ! !.timer 1 5 mta.text
  4. Okay, I understand that, just like the object limit in the editor >_> very annoying.
  5. Raoul


    It´s in their nature ... No just kidding
  6. Sorry, double post, cant delete my own posts...
  7. That's true, I don't blame them for having one Yes but Rockstar i making something from scratch. The whole textures and gameplay has to be made from nothing. so that takes most of the time i think. Though, it is true it is their job to maken it so they have more time but still, it wouldn't hurt if MTA DM was released and update frequently.
  8. No, i dont think so but they wont spend 2 years making only a multiplayer mode...
  9. I completly agree with Henderson. Take BF2142 for example, they are on patch 2.0 . I hope MTA DM is out before GTA IV out is because they are now smart enough to get a multiplayer mode....
  10. Very cool! Best tutorial subject so far I have 1 question can you make a explosion like this shape?
  11. Can you make Team-KotH? That would be very nice
  12. Lol, something really different, whats the song on the movie?
  13. I made this: elseif ($3 == !points) { if (%a == -1) mta.pm $1 $2 Absent ID! else mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,%a) has $readini($scriptdir $+ points.ini,POINTS,$mta.nick($1,%a)) points! } } It's almost the same only I use !points and points.ini, dunno if something is different...
  14. But when someone is still respawing he is considered dead but is still in the race...
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