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  1. It's my same problem, are you Italian and your provider is fastweb? Or are you on a NAT network? What's your Isp?
  2. Did someone know a way for fix this? Did someone know a better way for scan servers than game-monitor?
  3. You have to register at http://www.mtabeta.com/ than reinstall mta and choose "i have already an account" put your nickname and password, end the installation. play. than you can see your stats at mtabeta site, stats are registered only on official servers.
  4. I think the mater server will rise again soon btw use game-monitor.com http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php?game=mta
  5. \\The site is down since this afternoon, i think for maintenance. try later\\ edit: Now the site work.
  6. use x-padder. link btw fortunely auto-aim don't work with MTA.
  7. HI, i have a problem with the server list, every time it shows all servers; so i have to go on game-monitor and copy the ip for play. I have this problem since Mta:race. This problem is encountered by all the italian peoples who use "Fastweb" isp; based on a nat network... i'm sure about this, because the only server i can see in the list is an italian server hosted by the same isp but with a private ip, home customers own a dinamic ip. also, i can't host a server and join it in local... but i'm not sure it's not my fault, i'm going to talk about it with other Fastweb customers, maybe wi
  8. KeTaMiNe


    lol this post make me happy, because i remember with it lots of race with my gtamp's mates
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