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  1. i havent made yet any script to start a resource a specific hour, i am asking if you can make an example! (to implement in in the future or to use it now, dunno! LOL, i don't think that is a complicated script, but i'm a noob)
  2. I have a freeroam/zombies server, it would be nice if you can help me to do a script that starts the resource called "zombies" (by slothman) at a specific game hour.. for example: at midnight it will start the resource zombies and at the sunrise it will stop it i'm a noob in scripting and i don't know how to do this..
  3. This resource is cool, but it needs a car saving system.. can you try to script it? or does anyone know if there is a script that let player park their cars and save them also if the server restarts?
  4. Sorry for triple post, but it is better than open a new thread...! Uff now i've another problem... how can i create a script that start a resource in a prestabilited game hour? for example it starts hay when the game hour is 21:00 and stops it at 00:00...
  5. I saw in some freeroam servers that for first you do a little download and after you download other resources... like this server: GTA IV cars/freeroam/drift/race/stunt
  6. How can i set that you download a resource before the other resources? and can also somebody tell me how can i make a resource that set the camera of the player moving around a point?
  7. Like in the title i've to replace the txd file of the a51_jetdoor object... (ID: 3095) But, i don't know why, i can't find the a51_jetdoor.txd file with IMGTool how can i replace the a51_jetdoor txd file ?
  8. sorry... i cant speak very well english... so... i want to make a script that stop a resource (or more than one) every "x" minutes (for example every 10 minutes) and that start it after "x" minutes (for example 20 minutes) so all the resources are not always running toghether and when a resource starts another resource stops... to reduce the lag... but the script must not stop a random resource, it must stop a resource from a list of names.. if you want to make it, you can also upload it in the community
  9. so if it isnt wrong the script must work... the meta.xml ?
  10. im a noob on scripting but i think that resourceRoot in the event handler is wrong...
  11. i don't want to restart a resource... the script has to stop a resource every "x" time and start it evry "x" time... i'm a noob in scripting and more than a noob with setTimer function..!
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