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  1. Hello. Our host is using CentOS, but the MTA server does not seem to function on that. Are you going to release a "fix" for this? Thanks in advance, Jonas
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE After an unlucky chain of unlucky events and other shit we've finally come close to release! It is therefore to my great pleasure to welcome all players to Appokalypsis; THIS FRIDAY at 20:00 GMT! Please register and apply ASAP on our forums at http://www.appokalypsis.com If you already have registered but can't log-in; the password is "changeme" (minus the brackets). Thank you for you patience - The Appokalypsis team.
  3. Thanks for the support, it's always appreciated!
  4. Alright, people! We've got our forums up (database was transferred, so no need to re-register though). You password may not work, but have no fear: ADD ME TO MSN at [email protected] or send me a PM on these forums. I'll get you set-up ASAP.
  5. Apologies for double-posting, but I'm really quite surprised over this response. First of all: I don't care how good you are at setting up a vBulletin forum, for it is no use to us. Secondly: This is a horrible thing to say, and I'm on the edge of being disgusted by it. Claiming that we, because of our FORUM, are incapable of delivering a proper script is ridiculous! Our scripter is not the typical 13-year old who's trying to learn Lua. No, our scripter has years of experience with various other scripting languages; including complex ones.If you, as a third person, fail to respect our means and ways then you have no place within this thread or at our forums. You lack insider information, you lack insight in our development and you certainly lack the intelligence required to think "Oh, maybe vBulletin was too expensive?" No, you simply thought "Oh, it's vBullet- What, phpBB?! Flarbing retards! I'm going to claim that their scripter is incompetent and not capable of delivering the goods!". Shame on Thee.
  6. Uhm, our vBulletin license ran out. It's quite expensive, and we currently don't have that cash to buy a new license.
  7. Silentlink

    [REQ] NPCs

    AFAIK it's not possible as of yet?
  8. Appokalypsis is also in the process of finishing up our RP script. It won't be released public, though.
  9. Oh yes, we're deeply sorry but there was some fatal issues with our vBulletin forum. We're currently in the process of setting up a new PhpBB forum, but with all the topics and posts and whatnot intact. Fear not, we should be back either today or tomorrow!
  10. Glad to hear that you're looking forward. Also, we've written quite a lot of material in the forums so this thread is quite out-dated.
  11. Thanks for the offer, Kevuwk. It's appreciated. Also, I would encourage everyone to register on our forums and apply for membership (if you're interested in Role Playing, that is). I've written some quite extensive documentation and articles within the "locked" area.
  12. We've made tremendous progress, and we're aiming for a release soon. We've already started to accept applications! Please come!
  13. Silentlink


    Packet loss starts at a ping of 150, so that explains it.
  14. Oh bugger. That would be useful, I'd say.
  15. Ah, so you can't upload sounds to a folder (like mods?) and then play it from there?
  16. Well. Is it possible to play sounds via Lua? Say, you add a boundary and the sound and it plays/loops?
  17. Looks interesting, I'm excited to see where this goes.
  18. Silentlink


    That's odd, for I find the weapon sync very accurate.
  19. Alright, I'm horrible at Lua but shouldn't there a then where I've marked?
  20. IMPORTANT UPDATE IMPORTANT UPDATE IMPORTANT UPDATE IMPORTANT UPDATE IMPORTANT UPDATE We've moved to http://www.appokalypsis.com!!! Please re-register! It's using vBulletin.
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