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  1. First of all. FFS and No1servers dont suck. FFS is a very trusted reliable hosting solution, that has its prices just a bit higher exactly FOR those features. And second, No1servers is owned by ONE person. No need to piss on him cause he tries to handle all his HAPPY customers by himself. His co-owner was kicked cause he kept spending all the money. So. They dont suck
  2. iSeeCream


    Hey all, im hoping to contact any dmc members, or cookie, what happened to dmc? i was gone for vacation for a bit, and everything is falling apart? im kicked from clan!?!!?
  3. iSeeCream


    Sorry if this isnt in the right place* Well, i have seen people make custom models with 3ds max. I was wondering if there are any programs i can use to model existing Models. I would also like to know if its possible to make a whole new model, like a new car, with a new name and such, and if i would be able to use that in my race server. Please post tutorials and answers if you could Thanks!!
  4. CrazyDude, How did you do that? Also, how did you get an i69 server running? >.
  5. iSeeCream

    Map Maker!

    sure i guess, anyone else? xDDD
  6. Watch this vid! ;D Made it for all those people trying to add admins in ACL.
  7. iSeeCream

    Hoster chat?

    omg, sorry for being a noob, but i still don understand that tutorial either D:
  8. Hello, i am interested, what exactly is bumpercars? is it a whole new gamemode? if so, please post some pics and a link to download bumpercars! Cheers, iSeeCream(PM me)
  9. Sorry, could you upload that somewehere else? the link is just and ad
  10. could i only have real comments please?
  11. prince of hell doesnt script for us anymore
  12. Can you script? Do you want a challenge? If you say yes, join us at sa-apr.tk and apply for scripter. We need- -As many scripters possible -Pro mapper -We are trying to make a new gamemode -FootBall(EURO) -Will use cars instead of people -More information will be given if you apply -Our race server is [APR]Awesome Possum Racers If you need, we will supply test server to script and map the stadium. ~You will be given full credit for scripting ~ optional admin rights/head scripter
  13. iSeeCream

    Hoster chat?

    alright, i created a folder, put the ml_sockets.dll file in it, edieted the server conf, and thats it i dont understand the rest D: sorry, but i need help, maybe your own tut could help ;D
  14. iSeeCream

    Hoster chat?

    i do not have module folder, do i create one?
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