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  1. heres an awsome map idea with the weed.. a big hilly map, with all weed bush, only weapon you get is flamethrower. team a vs team b, you fight with the flame throwers and use the buring patches of fire and smoke to your advantage. plus it adds the cool haha factor.
  2. that would be great for transporting ! bring the clan in the old andro and crash them all into the water together . awsome map. lol
  3. well not just having to be in a car with them, but like maybe hookers can have say the ability to heal with 300 heal points, and tha number reduces for each number that the injured player loses. here's how it can be fun. hookers could heal themselves, but they cant carry weapons. or hookers cant heal themselves, but can carry weapons. ahhh, the love for medics in fighitng games.
  4. been trying to reply to you pm but i keep getting invalid error. =(.. pm me at gamersedge.org
  5. nope, didnt know the term radions until this thread, only radion i know is made by ati... lol jk i know its radians. i guess coders value the radian system but end-users prefer simplistics less work = more fun = the undo function would be a blessing because as sdk said, if you delete by accident.. or if you make a accidental rotation, woould just make it less of a headache to repair. also redo because you can quickly use undo and redo back to back to make comparrisons before and after a change. oh and i feel that the polygon count is useful so you can keep a running tally of accesso
  6. AND AN UNDO / REDO FUNCTION !!!!!!!!!!!! contol Z = undo control R = redo
  7. the namings thing would be good but my most hoped for change is the rotations thing, way to hard, difficult to expect mapping noobs to know how to figure that number out either. another note aboutthe night objects is that depending on what time of the night it is, the objects may display differently. even roads will show differently as the mesh overlays the lighting map. (i assume). also, just a side note: would it be possible to show stats about an object ? like while browsing throught them ? say something like.. name : tunnel1 collision : yes polygons : 58 ----------- this way
  8. yeah it can be a pain, especially when ou build some complex roadwork and then have to do it all again from scratch.
  9. **Sorry if this is posting in the wrong section of forum.** Hey, guys this is -]alw[-deftones, we got a post on our forums by ransom and im returning the favor. Im pretty well versed in using unreal editor. also im an admin for a mapping community that makes maps for americas army. (not totaly allowed yet lol). Here are a few thoughts that would help give mappers and easier time to map and give more funcitonality. mind you, i dont know what your limits are so if you feel like getting in touch im always available on alw's forum via pm or on vent if you can catch me. Ortographic views. m
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