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  1. i think... WTF had firefox to do with a multipayer mod for GTA? maybe you can also put a link to ford.com... FF is good, i can agree, but come on... or do you guys receive something for everybody that follows the link
  2. anyway frontpage is back online
  3. GGM site and forum has gone for some days now?? i hope it will come back soon, there was a pritty good evolution the last months...
  4. Phils Place try to get as much people as possible in the caravan
  5. this is so low (laag bij de grond) grow up please
  6. A station’s MAC address is its address on its single network... would be great, but i think MAC address is lost in a router (who looks at ip-adres)... /correct me if i'm wrong
  7. -première is not that difficult (4 hours lesson and i 'knowed' it) search a tutorial of something... -if you have windows xp/me --> windows movie maker! i would never use that, but that is a more easy program to use...
  8. -Windows XP SP1 + all critical updates -gamedir: C:/games/rockstar games/ -mtadir: C:/program files/MTA -Exe -Auto -i took the first download link -installed it 'normal' -no error, it just worked... (cracked vice city exe | Second CD is on HD (D:/images/) (alcohol 120%)) --------- mta 0.3 is -a better 0.2.2 -who feels to run better -with better animations -better client -->keep up the good work mta team! you rock!
  9. that will be win98 as you can 'see' on the screenshot
  10. wtf has postings to do with if you have waited for long time or not?????
  11. radeaon 9600 with 265mb ram on it... around 190€ and verry good... fx... pfff i wouldn't buy that stuff
  12. Sunday, Gameday, hahahaaaaaaaaaa
  13. don't agree with that... what if 10 cheaters are together on a public server... they can kick al the other players that will come to play online... Or if you are 'to good', other players really soon call you a cheater, that would not be funny... just look how good it goes in version 2 with the protection...
  14. so the slow cars may not anymore drive on the street, because the fast cars would have problems to drive full speed...
  15. i hate that cop cars but euh i didn't know that problem
  16. Blokker knows everything (sure after reading the same question some times) lol
  17. i have used windows Me from 1999 until 2001 and i have never had problems with it! But i also know that that os worked good on some ps's and crashed on others... anyway windows xp is the best operating system for the moment. On my second pc, a PIII 450, it is rather slower van 98/Me, but games running better...
  18. for every user that switch from win98 to winxp, MTA gets 10€ from microsoft for supporting them (joking )
  19. NoReason

    How to jack

    when you are flying with the hunter and he get hacked, that's not funny
  20. maybe you can take a look at http://www.btinternet.com/~waystation if you want to learn virtual dub a little... the example on that page is for the GP32, so i you encode, you can use higher kbps en so on
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