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  1. Make sure you check your gta_sa.exe file for compatability mode, apparently mine was on for no good reason.
  2. fusion

    Warning About g00ns

    I Would Suggest Salted MD5 Normal MD5 Is Becoming Easier To Crack Nowdays...
  3. Basically Mark On Your Calender "When It's Done" And You'll Know The Date
  4. Enjoy http://video.vividas.com/CDN1/5029_paramount/en/web/
  5. Ok, Lets Put This In A Different Perspective. Lets Say You Pay 15 Dollars A Month For (ugh) World Of Warcrap. First Release (Too Soon In My Opinion) Server Crashes Up The Ass, Bugs Galore, What Do You Think Those People Did? Sit Back And Say Glad I Got This Early, Even Though I Have To Connect 50,000 Times A Day? No.... They Complained, And Complain, And Continue To Complain... I Guess This Will Be The Case No Matter How Or When Anything Is Released. Just Hang On To Your Pantyhose
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