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  1. It's all correct: login: You successfully logged in debugscript: Your debug mode was set to 3 start: Resource 'mysql_test' started meta.xml: <meta> <script src="server.lua" /> <include resource="mysql"/> </meta> no debug errors, when I type /test, nothing happens
  2. still doesn't work, I see nothing( and no errors in debug)
  3. It didn't help. Still nothing.
  4. set permissions in acl.xml
  5. Hey Im beginner in SQL programming, I wanted to create simple table and insert data to it... table creates but somehow data can't. addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function( ) if not exports.mysql:create_table( 'characters', { { name = 'characterID', type = 'int(10) unsigned', auto_increment = true, primary_key = true }, { name = 'characterName', type = 'varchar(22)' }, } ) then cancelEvent( ) return end end) function testQueryF
  6. This is just a fragment I want to move camera like normal around player by mouse function mouse3(cursorX,cursorY) setElementData(localPlayer,"moveX",cursorX) setElementData(localPlayer,"moveY",cursorY) if cursorX > cX then -- move right setCameraMatrix ( x, y1, z2, x, y, z + 1 ) elseif cursorX < cX then -- move left setCameraMatrix ( x, y, z2, x, y, z - 1 ) elseif cursorY > cY then -- move bottom --setCameraMatrix ( x, y, z2, x, y, z - 1 ) elseif cursorY < cY then -- move up --setCameraMatrix ( x, y, z2, x, y, z - 1 ) end e
  7. Carbonik

    mass action

    I want to make setpedaimtarget etc for all peds i've got it --416.40151977539,1677.1229248047,36.129425048828 peds = {} addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",root, function() --spawn_point_1 = createColRectangle(416.40151977539,1677.1229248047,100,50) -- spawn poinT spawn_point_1 = createColSphere(416.40151977539,1677.1229248047,36.129425048828,40) -- spawn point x,y,z = getElementPosition( spawn_point_1 ) for i=0, 10 do -- 20 mobs peds[1] = createPed(0,x+math.random(-15,15),y+math.random(-15,15),z) end end ) function findRotation(x1,y1,x2,y2
  8. How to use client variable in server side? for example; client side: myped = createPed(120, x,y,z) and how i can use myped variable in server side? i want to set myped variable in server side server side: warpPedIntoVehicle(myped, somevehicle)
  9. where i can find it? example: elseif,ipairs or something, if, thePlayer etc. where i can find list?
  10. function(hitElement, matchingDimension) if (getElementType( hitElement ) == "player") then if (source == shipManChatMarker) then triggerClientEvent (hitElement, "viewInfoGUIWindow", hitElement, "Stary szalony facet\n\nHEJ HEJ!\nCo robisz na moim statku, \nNie zapraszalem cie!\nIdz stad!") elseif (source == shipWomanChatMarker) then triggerClientEvent (hitElement, "viewInfoGUIWindow", hitElement, "Stara baba z duzymi butami\n\nWitaj na naszym statku.\nProsze nie zepsuj niczego \nmoj maz jest bardzo rozdrazniony") elseif (source == medicChatMarker) then tri
  11. Hi, how i can set map in all dimensions?
  12. in 1.1 we can too add our own anims? (.ifp etc)
  13. hi i have problem i want to make new anim when i ride a bike.... someone know how to make it? functions or example pls.
  14. Hi i have problem... Where i can get all id's for world elements example: some road or something.... (textures from sa id)
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