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  1. there is a server, for the..well here for example. !wanted -Wanted Players: Player !crime Player -Player's Crime: Murderer !jail Player -Player has been jailed for 3 minutes. -You earned $50. But, the player has to be in one of the 4 cells, in VCPD HQ. for example. !wanted -Wanted Players: Player !jail Player -You must be in VCPDHQ to jail. -Player is not in jail.
  2. i just want his stupid kiddy scripts to stop. there is no fucking need to crash servers.
  3. you forgot to admit about the crashing part.
  4. I couldnt find the proper area to post this, but REKINZIE has been crashing every server he can find. he obviously has no life/friends. Heres a vid of what he did. I would like something to be done about this. He evades every subnetban too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNKKsjxCvtY
  5. Thats exactly what i do. Should i use another tool besides IMGTool? I hate that the fact that u guys say it works, when it doesnt for me. I have to be doing something wrong. Sometimes when i start IMGTool, it crashes. Would that be a problem? But yes, all i do is find it, delete, add.
  6. am i just supposed to rightclick and ''replace''? but if i do that, it says the replaced file is too big.. please help me!!!
  7. that is all i installed with IMGtool.exe. i opened gta3.img and hit F2 to find sabretur.txd and sabretur.dff. i extracted them to back them up. erased then re-added. and mta still says '' you are using a modded version of mta, please re install..''
  8. hey rek, your the server crasher with no life. should i show this forum the logs about your little 'crashings'? i wonder what they could do about it..hmmmmm
  9. so you can use carmods for san andreas. but not vice city?? thats retarded.
  10. ok, would carcols matter? because i just added it..and it still says i am running a modified version of MTA.
  11. ive had to uninstall vc/mta and reinstall so many times. are you sure this will work? i didnt even know you could change handleing. i just want a different skin.
  12. OK, i recently downloaded a 1969 Camaro Yenko to replace the ugly Sabre Turbo. When i installed it, i was kicked off MTA saying ''suspected trainer usage''. then when i opened it back up it says ''you are using a modded version of MTA''. Does this mean i cant use that skin? This should be allowed. It is in no form of cheating. It is the users decision and especailly the ones who actually pay for their game..
  13. OK, i love the petrol. but in my car, when petrol ran out, it just reset and nothing happened. is there any way when it runs to 0, it slaps until you get out? also can there be a command like, !gas (to see how much petrol is left) without having to exit and enter the car.. -Thanks
  14. I am requesting a RPG script, where you cannot sell cars for money, nor buy and sell stuff for money. I am looking for a pure RPG script with no selling for money. You can only make money off of other people. And the ablity for the Main admin to give starting money. - No Selling Stuff for money - No Buying and Selling Stuff For moeny - No Market (Weed, Hookers, etc...) - Ablity for Admin to give Starting Money - Ablity to Buy Car for a price and sell it back for same price - Ablity to Buy House or Business for a price and sell it back for same price I hope this wasnt too much to ask, b
  15. ok im on a router, with 3 other comps. will that effect anything? now i just want to make a 2 man private server, for my friend and i.
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