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  1. I've installed the latest patch and everything, but when I start up MTA, it enters full screen mode, but stays black, as if it wasn't loading at all...
  2. oh my god, I can't begin to thank you enough! well, since this is my first time ever playing, I'm a little excited, and it works! thank you thank you thank you!
  3. well, yea... here, I'll name all the files I have... Config.cfg GTAVCs.f1.b gta_vc.set history that's about it...
  4. lol, yes I do... not to mention, all of my files in my vice city folder don't have an avatar thingy, it just shows a picture of different types of windows (where if you click on it, it asks you to select the file from a list, or use the web service to find the appropriate program)
  5. well, I think I have everything correct to connect to MTA, like, I can join a server, but then, once I click, Start game, it asks me for a pathway, or whatever, and I've tried all of the pathways I have, but every single one of then comes out with a problem saying, "you have not specified the path to the correct executable (gta-vc-exe)" but, I don't have that file at all... any Ideas?
  6. Single player works perfectly... not once has it froze or anything
  7. I installed everything I needed to to play MTA... I think. so, once I ran it, it loaded and everything. it went like this: I ran multi theft auto. the screen loaded up, as if I were playing single player (I'm talking about the intro to single player, with the two rockstar logos, then the opening theme) after the opening theme ended... the screen stayed black the whole time. no sound or anything... does this happen alot?
  8. I forgot to post this... I can't play, because when I start up MTA, the screen won't load. the screenstays black the whole time
  9. omg, thank you so much! I.... think it works... is the start up supposed to run just like how it runs offline?
  10. "only gta:sa 1.0 version is supported" but... I could have sworn I already had 1.0
  11. Wait, do you have San Andreas installed? well, yea
  12. well, for some reason, everytime I try to work a client, it says, unable to locate... but uh, I might be using a wrong client. And I was wondering if anyone could send me a link to the best client
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